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DailyJews offers its top picks and recommendations for Jewish travelling. Business or pleasure, our guides aim to connect you with your inner Jew around the world. There's something Jewish to be found in every destination.
22nd November 2007
Tours for disabled to Israel
Travelling to Israel for those who are disabled or with limited mobility can be very daunting, but there's help being offered by a tour company who can put together tours to experience everything the country has to offer.
15th November 2007
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
27th September 2007
Temple stones
Temple stones
The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday the discovery of a quarry that supplied large stones used to build the Second Temple compound during King Herod's time.
20th September 2007
Vatican to Israel
Israel's Ministry of Tourism has teamed up with the Vatican's new charter flight service in a joint bid to increase the number of Catholic pilgrim visitors to Israel.
13th September 2007
New Year travels
12,000 Israelis will travel for Rosh Hashana to the grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in the Ukrainian city of Uman, while 3,000 people (including Madonna) will arrive in Israel for Rosh Hashana for the International Kabbalah Center Conference.
6th September 2007
When in Rome...
The opening of a new glatt kosher hotel in Rome, only a few steps from the lavish Navone Piazza, is just another indication of the growing number of observant Jews who are traveling to this ancient city, rich in archeological sites.
23rd August 2007
Dead Sea
New discoveries in Old Israel
Israel is full of romantic potential. Marcus J Freed and Natalie Marx explore the excitement of the holy land via the new ISSTA service, and travels to the Dead Sea for some natural vitality.
16th August 2007
Tourists back in Israel
A year has passed since the second Lebanon war and the tourists are back in Israel. 214,300 tourists arrived in Israel in July 2007, a 43% increase compared to July 2006 and a 7% increase compared to July 2005.
2nd August 2007
The ancient pet cemetery is just one of Ashkelon’s many archeological treasures. Among the more modern sites are the beautiful marina, the blossoming promenade, seafront hotels, a colorful marketplace and a beer museum.
26th July 2007
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Euro city?
Tel Aviv Municipality is asking the European Union to declare the city a European Capital of Culture. Every year since 1985, the EU chooses a city as the Capital of Culture for a period of one year and Tel Aviv wants to be that city.
19th July 2007
Tourists for one day
About 25,000 tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries have arrived in Israel since February without having had to go through the normal process of applying for a visa.
12th July 2007
Times Square
Just New York it!
Check out our essential guide to the best sights, smells, shops and scenes that New York has to offer. If you only do 10 things during your stay, make sure they include these.
5th July 2007
Budapest delights
Budapest has a long Jewish history and Marcus J Freed goes there to find out more about what the city has to offer. He's impressed with what he finds especially the Great Synagogue.
28th June 2007
Dominican Republic
Jurassic Adventures
One unique, distinguishing and impressive fact separates the Dominican Republic from every other country on the planet. It was the only place to officially welcome Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Marcus J Freed finds out more.
21st June 2007
Thomsonfly going to Israel
Budget flights to Israel
The first low-cost no-frills airline to fly to Israel from Manchester and Luton is due to take off from November. Thomsonfly, will offer direct flights to Tel Aviv starting from £79.99 one way and £139.98 return.
14th June 2007
Jerusalem by ear
The Jerusalemp3 project for the city's Municipality was launched a few weeks ago, offering visitors the opportunity to download guided tours of the city free of charge. Find out more.
7th June 2007
Coming out to Israel
Israel's Ministry of Tourism is looking to increase the number of gay and lesbian tourists to visit Israel. An advertising campaign will feature a same-sex couple on a camel and two men in yarmulkes kissing in Jerusalem.
31st May 2007
Dead sea
Dead Sea hotel expansion
The Israeli government has approved a plan for the construction of new hotels with a total of 3,200 rooms in the northern part of the Dead Sea. In addition, a four-lane, well lit highway that is being built, will shorten the journey to Jerusalem.
24th May 2007
Mini Israel
Mini Israel for you
Israel's popular miniature park, Mini Israel, now offers a new service in which customers will be able to see models of their own buildings or homes at the miniature site.
17th May 2007
Masada Museum
New Masada museum
The story of Masada comes to life in a new museum. The site – a symbol of Jewish perseverance and sacrifice – now offers guided tours by Josephus Flavius and archeologist Yigal Yadin.
10th May 2007
5th Ave in Jerusalem?
Jerusalemites might not know it yet, but they will soon have their own version of the Fifth Avenue in their hometown. The shopping area is scheduled to open shortly on Mamila Street in the David Village's neighborhood located outside the Old City's walls.
3rd May 2007
Jerusalem 40
Jerusalem is one of those rare places that one can explore for weeks without visiting the same place twice. In honour of the 40th anniversary of the city's reunification, here is list of attractions and events that can interest both visitors and residents.
26th April 2007
El Al
El Al's check-in
Hate the lines at the airport's check-in counters? Israel's national airline El Al, announced a "Pre-Flight Service from Home" program.
19th April 2007
Delta Airlines
Delta expands Israel service
Delta Airlines will begin offering daily services between New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport and Tel Aviv in addition to the Tel Aviv-Atlanta flights the company reinstated last year.
12th April 2007
Israeli teepees
Sleep in the outdoors in a teepee. You don't need to go to America to do this, you can go to Israel and visit The Indian Village, situated in the Golan.
5th April 2007
Take The Jerusalem Trail
This Passover try taking a magical trail between nature sites hidden in an urban landscape - “The Jerusalem Trail” and the “Emek Tzurim” National Park. It is especially fitting for these spring days when Jerusalem is green and blooming with an abundance of beautiful spots.
29th March 2007
This year in Jerusalem
The number of Brits travelling to Israel over Passover has jumped on previous years. Around 6,000 people have decided to travel to the Middle East compared to 4,000 last year.
22nd March 2007
Selling model Israel
The Israeli Consulate in New York has come up with an ingenious idea to promote tourism to Israel in the United States: officials there have managed to twist the arms of the most popular US men's magazine, Maxim, to write a feature about stunning Israeli models.
15th March 2007
Appeal for Masada
Masada and other ancient fortresses may collapse if additional funds are not allocated toward their preservation, experts say. Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, is located in an area that is prone to earthquakes, which experts say may destroy the site entirely.
8th March 2007
MSC Opera
Passover on the sea
Can’t face the thought of being at home for Passover or indeed even on dry land for the Exodus season? Then there’s still time to go on the high seas and celebrate Passover on a kosher cruise.
1st March 2007
Eat and drink Golan
Hot soups, wintry stews, fine steaks, sinie and chocolate liqueur. Everything is home made and everything is in the Golan.
22nd February 2007
Nightmare Eilat
Nightmare in Eilat
Nightmare, Eilat's horror labyrinth, is one of world's most terrifying tourist attractions (yes, scarier than a roller coaster ride), and we have been around.
15th February 2007
Go Galilee
Some 160 enthusiastic members of the global tourism industry took over the Galilee's tourist attractions recently, as part of project "Go Galilee," aimed at exposing tour operators from across the world to Israel's beautiful north.
1st February 2007
Veggie village in Israel
Veggie village in Israel
Here’s a reason to celebrate: Fifty years of eating lettuce and other vegetables at Amirim, the vegetarian and vegan village in the east of the Upper Galilee.
25th January 2007
El Al
El Al's new lounge
El Al's business passengers witnessed the inauguration of the new King David business lounge at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last week, where officials took advantage of the opportunity to present the airline's plans for the coming years.
18th January 2007
StartUp Jerusalem
“To raise Jerusalem up from poverty” is the goal that Nir Barkat, an active member of the city council and a serial entrepreneur, has set for himself. Barkat’s decision to devote himself to his hometown led him to found non-profit organization StartUp Jerusalem in 2004.
21st December 2006
Jerusalem tours
If the freezing cold of a Jerusalem night doesn't scare you why not take a sweater and join a tour in the footsteps of the capital's Hanukkah menorahs?
14th December 2006
Coffee in Israel
Coffee has also been popular in Israel with the first coffee shop in Jerusalem dating back to the 16th century. Find out more about the best places in Israel to buy a cup.
7th December 2006
King David Hotel
King David at 75
Food came daily by train from Cairo, the waiters came from Sudan, Irgun members blew it up, and a peace contract was signed on its library table. King David Hotel marks its 75th anniversary.
30th November 2006
Travel for Frummers
Touring for frummers
Glatt kosher vacations, prayers and mikvahs around the world. Everything you wanted to know about organised tours for the religious sector.
23rd November 2006
Tel Aviv
Holy Tel Aviv tours
No bars, clubs, or scantily-clad women. Tel Aviv’s religious council takes you on a tour of the city’s holy places, which are not as rare as you’d think. If you don’t try it, how will you know?
16th November 2006
Cruise Ship
Cruising to Israel
Two major cruise lines have decided to renew services to Israel that were suspended during the height of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Holland America is expected to resume its services in April of next year.
9th November 2006
Elephants in Israel
Soon Israelis will no longer be required to fly to Thailand to ride an elephant. This rare experience will soon become available in a unique Israeli park set to be founded in the Western Negev.
2nd November 2006
Zurich street
Jewish Zurich
Planning a trip to Zurich in Switzerland and want to connect with some of its Jewish places and flavours, then here's an essential list of where to eat, drink and go to shul.
26th October 2006
Japan in Israel
Japanese culture has long fascinated Israelis; however a trip to The Land of the Rising Sun is somewhat costly. The solution, therefore, lies in a true Japanese experience closer to home.
19th October 2006
New campaign for Israel
A new Israeli Tourism Ministry campaign has been launched with a NIS 150 million (£19 million) budget to encourage incoming tourism. The campaigns are specially-tailored for each specific market and specifically target Jews and Christians.
12th October 2006
Jerusalem on wheels
Jerusalem on wheels
A new tourist attraction has started in Jerusalem: Guided Segway tours along the "Commissioner's Palace" promenade. The Segway, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle, will take visitors on an hour long tour.
5th October 2006
Mini Israel
Mini Israel expansion
A recent innovation at the Mini Israel theme park near Jerusalem allows visitors to leave notes in the cracks of its miniature Western Wall. The notes will be transferred to the real Western Wall in Jerusalem once a week.
28th September 2006
Tram in Jeruslaem
January 15, 2009. This is the date planned for the opening of a Jerusalem tram system, the first of its kind in Israel. The Jerusalem tram will precede by at least two years a similar mode of transportation in the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan area.
21st September 2006
Garden time
With dozens of miles of new jeep paths recently opened in Jerusalem corridor, you can get from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem without traveling on the roads
14th September 2006
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
7th September 2006
The Galilee
The Galilee is not a usual destination for people to visit, but it is one of Israel's hidden gems. Its town of Safed was the birth-place of Kabbalah while it also offer great outdoor sites to visit. Find out more.
31st August 2006
Biking in Israel
Get biking in Israel. Find out more about a delightful trip in Israel that is open to all levels to complete.
24th August 2006
Ramat Gan Safari
Ramat Gan Safari
The time: eleven o’clock at night. The place: the Ramat Gan Safari. Four human couples, including myself ventured out into the dark night. Soon, another young couple joined us, followed by others. A veritable Noah’s Ark. We all climbed aboard the park’s train and set out on a midnight safari.
17th August 2006
Love in the desert
The canyon becomes narrower and deeper, and the feeling of being cut off increases. Welcome to a desert night in Israel.
10th August 2006
Get to know Jaffa
In this neck of the woods, everywhere you throw a stone there’s a battle of some kind going on. Jaffa has seen upheavals, conquests, victories, and defeats, and all the good folks have visited there.
3rd August 2006
A ranch in the Negev
Has anyone managed to drive for five miles in the Galilee without coming across a sign for the nearest guest house? But the Negev is something else entirely. In the Negev you can drive, and drive, and drive, and it’s as if there is nothing there.
27th July 2006
Tourists want to see katyushas
Since last Thursday evening the site of the Katyusha landing in Haifa’s Stella Maris neighborhood has become a pilgrimage site to the city’s residents and tourists.
20th July 2006
Keep fit in Jerusalem
Free fitness centres for anyone who wants to use them? No, it is not a dream. Soon the Jerusalem municipality will open outdoor fitness centers in public parks throughout the capital, at no entry charge.
13th July 2006
Tel Aviv Center Hotel
Tel Aviv Center Hotel
Boutique hotels are very popular in the world and Israel follows suit as it becomes increasingly aware of the trend with the Tel Aviv Center Hotel. Spending a weekend in a hotel with a character is definitely a unique experience.
6th July 2006
Israel Wonders
Wonder of Israel
First there was Go Israel, then came Think Israel and now the Israeli government is providing tourists with Israel Wonders, its latest site to offer useful information on the country and what tourists can do.
29th June 2006
Eating at Lemonade
Be an eating tourist
If you are strapped for time and only have an hour to spare in Jewish London, what can you do? Daily Jews' Leslie Bunder offers his top tips for making the most of 60 minutes in the capital.
22nd June 2006
Sumo in Israel
Sumo in Israel
Thirteen of world's best sumo champions recently visited Israel as part of a tour that aims to strengthen Israel and Japan ties. The 13, who were guests of Israel visited Jerusalem and some of its most famous sites included the Western Wall.
15th June 2006
Israel 4 All
Tours for disabled
Travelling to Israel for those who are disabled or with limited mobility can be very daunting, but there's help being offered by a tour company who can put together tours to experience everything the country has to offer.
8th June 2006
Think Israel
More stays in Israel
The number of overnight stays in Israel's hotels is on the up. In April, 1.8 million stays in Israel took place, an increase of 10 percent from the previous year.
1st June 2006
Tel Aviv
Loving Tel Aviv
Record numbers of tourists are flocking for Israel's city of fun - Tel Aviv. In 2005 over two million hotel booking were made to stay there and over 190,000 Brits made Tel Aviv their choice of holiday during the year.
25th May 2006
Jewish Mexico
Get down to Mexico
Jews and Mexico have been mixing for hundreds of years and today with a population said to be around 50,000 it is also home to a vibrant Jewish community.
18th May 2006
Israel tourism rise
The number of British tourists visiting Israel in the first three months of 2006 is up from the previous year. A total of 36,833 travelled to Israel in 2006 compared to 32,351 in 2005.
11th May 2006
Tour Judaica
Jewish tour of Yorkshire
As the Jewish community marks 350 years since being readmitted back into England in 1656, a Jewish tour of Yorkshire is one event taking place that people can attend and be part of.
4th May 2006
Think Israel
More tours to Israel
The choice of airline and travel operator to fly to Israel looks set to increase following Israeli tourism minister Abraham Hirschson announcing deals with two of Europe's largest travel companies starting this summer.
27th April 2006
Jewish Florence
Jewish Florence
Think of Italy and what springs to mind when it comes to Jewish things, Venice and Rome? But what about Florence? Well, there’s plenty of Jewish history in Florence especially as Jews have been living there for nearly 700 years.
20th April 2006
El Al
Fast check-in for checking out
Israeli airline El Al is now making it even easier to leave from Tel Aviv and Eilat with the introduction of town and hotel check-in services. The new service allows travellers to drop off their baggage either a day before they fly or the morning.
13th April 2006
Orthodox Jew
Hasidic Polish tours
Ever wanted to discover more about the roots of Hasidic Judaism in eastern Europe? Well, starting with Poland and eventually moving into other countries a range of tours to appeal to both religious and well as non-religious Jews is being planned.
6th April 2006
Ohel Rachel Synagogue
Shanghai Jewish surprise
As China opens itself to western tourists, one growing market is Jewish tourists looking to explore their Chinese connections. These days around 1000 Jews live in Shanghai with up to 50,000 Jews a year visiting the city.
30th March 2006
Israel parks
Israeli park life
Interested in exploring the parks and nature reserves that Israel has to offer as part of a holiday? Israel's Nature and National Parks Protection Authority provides a valuable website to help tourists find out more about what is on offer.
23rd March 2006
Prague's Jewish year
If your planning a visit to Prague, this year could well be a good time to go as the city celebrates 100 years of having a Jewish museum and marks it through a series of events under the name Year of Jewish Culture.
16th March 2006
Eilat film fest
Looking to combine a trip to Israel with a touch of showbiz? Eilat will once again be hosting an international film festival from May 24 to May 27. The festival, now in its fourth year will show 45 films from Israel and around the world.
9th March 2006
Go Jewish downunder
From penguins to koalas and from exotic fish to beaches, we reveal the sights, sounds and seaside resorts that make the Australian city of Melbourne worth visiting and also discover some useful Jewish things to do.
2nd March 2006
Tel Aviv
Idol in Tel Aviv
As American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson goes to Tel Aviv at the end of March, Daily Jews offers a quick five things to do in this modern city that is also Israel's 24 hour city that just never sleeps.
23rd February 2006
King's City
Enjoy a King's life
If you thought Eilat was just sun, sea and sand, well, it is also now home to a multi-million dollar theme park with last year's opening of King's City located at the edge of the city's promenade.
16th February 2006
Israir comes to the UK
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is to start offering flights to Tel Aviv from Stansted Airport, Essex. The service starts from April 2 and will operate three times a week. Flights will depart on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
9th February 2006
Kosher safari
Looking for a Jewish travel experience that is a bit out of the ordinary? Fed up with visiting the same places time and time again? Then how about going to South Africa and taking part in a kosher safari tour?
2nd February 2006
Think Israel
The British are coming!
Israel is once again proving a popular destination for British tourists with record numbers travelling there. In 2005, 157,600 Brits went to Israel for a holiday, up by seven per cent on the previous year.
26th January 2006
Le Dany's
Jews can do Cannes
Travelling to Cannes for holiday or business, maybe you will come to this French resort for a few days or even to oogle the stars of the big screen during the film festival, but what is there to do if your are Jewish and fancy being kosher as well?
19th January 2006
More flights to Israel
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is gearing up for major expansion following news that the Israeli government is to lift a restriction on competition to El Al across numerous routes in and out of Israel.
12th January 2006
Costa Magica
Baltic kosher cruising
Kosher cruises are becoming ever so popular and not just in and around the United States. A cruise in the summer offers an opportunity to sample five Baltic capitals as you cruise for seven nights.
5th January 2006
Tel Aviv
Gay times in Israel
Israel tourist chiefs are planning to launch a range of initiatives to increase gay tourism. Proclaiming itself as the only country in the Middle East where being gay is not against the law, it prides itself on its tolernace in such cities as Tel Aviv.
29th December 2005
MSC Lirica
Passover cruise
Fed up with spending Passover at home, or even going away to a hotel to celebrate our exodus from slavery in Egypt? Well, why not go on a kosher cruise instead and take time out on the sea?
22nd December 2005
Travel with Aish
Looking for a quick and easy way to find Jewish things to see, do and enjoy, then Aish.com's Jewish travel guides provide a great resource. Currently it's guides cover a selection of US states as well as Toronto in Canada.
15th December 2005
Stopover Jewish London
Picture the scene, your travelled all the way from the States to get to Israel and your stopover is in London. So what can you do when you've only got one day to make the most of what Jewish London has to offer?
8th December 2005
New Ambassador
Last days of the Amb
If you have always wanted to do the Bournemouth thing and stay in a Jewish hotel, you've only got a matter of weeks to do it at the New Ambassador Hotel in Bournemouth before it closes down as a kosher hotel.
1st December 2005
Warsaw skyline
Jewish Poland today
Leslie Bunder offers his thoughts on why every Jew should visit Warsaw and Poland and stop being just holocaust "tourists". He says: "There's much more to Jewish life in Warsaw and Poland than the death camps and ghetto."
24th November 2005
Center Hotel Tel Aviv
Center attraction
Planning to visit Israel and want to go to Tel Aviv? Well, if you want to get maximum value for money out of your sleeping arrangements, a stay at the Center Hotel could well fit your budget and provide exactly what you are looking for.
17th November 2005
Jerusalem Half Marathon
See Israel by running
Want to find a unique way to take in the sites and sounds of Israel, well how about running around the country? Jews around the world can compete in a number of annual Israeli marathons taking place throughout 2006.
10th November 2005
Judean Hills
Hiking in Israel
Colourful scenery, archeological sites, vistas, memorials, ruins in autumn finery all within reach of Jerusalem.
3rd November 2005
Jewish London
Maybe it's because I'm a Jewlondoner
London has always been an important city for Jews. For many it was a place to come to when fleeing persecution and to rebuild their lives, for others, it presented an opportunity to develop business and be a part of the capital's economy.
27th October 2005
Chassidic tours
Chassidic tourism
Looking for something a bit different from a tour of New York? Sure you can do tours of Manhattan, but how about going into Brooklyn and taking part in a tour of Jewish Crown Heights?
20th October 2005
Think Israel
Israel, here I come!
The Israeli tourist office wants more people to visit Israel and what can be more tempting than to get a female wearing a bikini to tempt tourists to the Middle East?
13th October 2005
Travel the world
Ever wanted to visit Jewish areas of the world that are some of the most remote parts to reach? Well, Jewish organisation Kulanu offers an essential website for any Jew who wants to travel the globe and seek out the rich diversity of Jewish people and culture.
6th October 2005
Kosher cruising
Planning to go on a cruise and fancy sharing it with members of the same faith? Then a kosher cruise may certainly be something to consider and throughout 2006, Kosherica is offering cruises aplenty.
29th September 2005
Judenplatz memorial
Oh Vienna!
Let's face it, Austria is not the sort of place Jews tend to go to as a holiday. Where once there were around 190,000 before the Second World war, there are now no more than 16,000. But come to Vienna, its capital with an open mind.
22nd September 2005
The New Ambassador
UK High Holydays Hotels
With just a few weeks to go before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur does the thought of staying at home and going to your usual three times a year shul fill you with dread? Well, how about getting away to Bournemouth and stay at a hotel?
15th September 2005
Take a tour of Hasidic Williamsburg
Download Jewish tours
Going on a tour generally blows; especially if you're with a large group and your guide is a dunce. However, today there is an alternative: Soundwalk. And they've released an audio tour on CD or MP3 of Hasidic Williamsburg in New York.
8th September 2005
Chesed El Synagogue in Singapore
Far out time in Singapore
It may not be the biggest Jewish community around, but Singapore does provide enough Jewish things to do to make it a worthwhile destination for any Jew. In the mix of doing "tourist things", Singapore also offers something Jewish for visitors to explore and experience.
1st September 2005
The Spanish Synagogue in Prague
Time to Czech out Prague
The city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but also happens to have one of the most fascinating Jewish histories. Find out more of the highlights of this city.
25th August 2005
Tower Bridge in London
Maybe it's because I'm a Jewlondoner
London is not just the capital of England, it also happens to be the Jewish capital, with over 200,000 members of the tribe living in the metropolis. Want to get a taste of the sights and sounds and a few smells of London Jewish life? Find out our top tips.
18th August 2005
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Say ja to Berlin
It only seems like we covered Berlin a few weeks ago, well actually it was but since then we've been back and found more things that make the German capital a ja, ja for Jews to visit and immerse themselves in. Find out two more things to do.
11th August 2005
Cab in Times Sqaure
Bite into the Big Apple
As everyone knows, New York is so Jewish. Everything about the State oozes something Jewish, from the smell of the corn beef and pickles through to stand up clubs that grace it. New York aka Jew York offers just about anything and everything a Jew would want to do.
4th August 2005
Brandenburg Gate
Berlin is a go go
For many Jewish people, Berlin would seem an unlikely tourist destination. While it was the HQ for all things Hitler and his Nazi Party that was then and this is now. Berlin then was a real no, no for Jews, Berlin now is really a yes, yes, yes.

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