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The best gadgets, funky t-shirts, gizmos and other must have things every member of the tribe should own and try to buy wholesale.
21st November 2007
Ilford Synagogue
Get Ilford on your chest
British Jewish things don't generally feature on hipster shopping services – until now, that is. We find the ultimate Ilford shul T-shirt with its address emblazoned with black text on a standout yellow background.
14th November 2007
Chosen Couture
Fido's Jewish treat
Next time someone says throw me a frickin’ bone, throw them something Jewish. The good folks at Chosen Couture is offering a choice of two plush toys for households who want to give their dogs a fun plaything with a Jewish flavour.
10th October 2007
Blow up Menorah
With Chanukah fast approaching, now is the time to think carefully about what Chanukah kitsch you need to grace your home. Why not go for something big and full of attitude. How about an in yer face inflatable menorah.
3rd October 2007
Expressing yourself
Looking for something a bit more upmarket and classy when it comes to your Judaica. Then, you should pay a visit to Jewish Expressions and its range of products which include 3D art.
26th September 2007
Flip Flops
Flipping and flopping
We all know you can buy fab and funky Jewish tees and even kosher slogans on underwear, but what about your feet? Yes, that's right. Jewish flip flips are now out.
19th September 2007
Selling Yom Kippur
Can every Jewish festival be commercialised? Sure, you can sell gifts based around Chanukah, Passover and Purim, but what about Yom Kippur? Yes, there's a Yom Kippur throw pillow, drinking mug and even mousepad.
12th September 2007
Good Yontifications
Looking for that something special gift to give to a batmitzvah girl or just the special woman in your life, then it doesn't get any better or more affordable than jewellery from Yontifications.
5th September 2007
Fortune Cookies
New Year's fortune
It's that time of the year when we all start gearing up for Rosh Hashanah and welcome in the New Year and hope it will being us another year of delights. And what can be more delightful than to get hold of some wonderful fortune cookies.
15th August 2007
Chosen Couture
Jewish school days
With around a month to go before it is time to go back to school, Chosen Couture is offering a range of themed items to brighten up the new school year.
8th August 2007
Celebrate Sammy David Jr.
As the one of the most famous converts to Judaism, Sammy Davis Jr. is one Jew to celebrate. Chosen Couture is offering a t-shirt with his face and printed below is the simple but very effective text saying Mensch.
1st August 2007
Jew talkin' to me?
Jew talkin'
So you want to show a bit of Jewish attitude to your fellow Jew or indeed non-Jew? Then how about paying respect to Robert Deniro and the classic Taxi Driver with a Jewish flavoured t-shirt to celebrate the iconic movie.
25th July 2007
Feygelah Hag
Something fag-tastic to wear
So you are a straight Jewish female and you have loads of gay male friends, what can you wear to celebrate the fact? How about a Jewish inspired fag hag tee?
18th July 2007
Jewish rug
Rug a dub a Jew
Looking for a new rug for your children's bedroom? How about something with a Jewish theme to it? Over at School Outfitters, they've got a rug that features all the main festivals neatly put on it.
11th July 2007
Israeli T
T for Jew
Want to show your support for the boys and girls in the Israeli Defense Forces? How about adorning your body with some IDF t-shirts emblazed in Hebrew. Israeli-T is offering a wide range of shirts and at ultra-cheap prices.
4th July 2007
Rabbi's Daughters bag
My Yiddishe bag-lady
Always offering something a bit different and something you look at and say, wow, that is different is the rather lovely and very glam Rabbi's Daughters. And now, you can get a rather delicious bag from them.
27th June 2007
Tallit clip
Talit clip goes glam
If you are female and wear a tallit, you'll probably get a little fed up that the only type of tallit clip you can get is the standard silver or gold that most men have. But thanks to Jewish accessories company Yontifications, now you can get something.
20th June 2007
Israel Baseball League
Going baseball crazy
Now that the Israel Baseball League is a reality with teams playing as well as fans being able to watch the game, a range of merchandise is now on offer.
13th June 2007
Matzo Ball baby
A Matzo baby
Looking to dress up your little one in Jewish kitsch? Even though we are months away from Passover, you can still order a body suit for your baby that is matzo themed.
6th June 2007
Trust Me, I'm A Rabbi
Wear’s the rabbi?
Those fun folks at Shalom Shirts have been bringing out a range of quirky and off-beat Jewish themed tees for quite a while, among them is Trust Me, I'm A Rabbi.
30th May 2007
Mensch baseball
Mensch of the Day
With Mother's Day now over, all thoughts turn to what to give to dad for Father's Day. If your dad is a baseball kind of guy, then how about a Mensch baseball that sits on top of some imitation green grass?
23rd May 2007
Budweiser Hebrew
Wazzup in Hebrew?
In the immortal words of that famous TV commercial - wazzup. And if you want to take a bit of Bud to your chest, then how about the Budweiser in Hebrew? Israeli t-shirt and clothing company Zahal is offering for a mere $11.99 a Hebrew Bud tee
16th May 2007
Matzo toilet seat cover
Go, Go, Go
What can you get to make your bathroom a little bit Jewish? Well, how about a toilet seat cover? Yes, for $18 from Chosen Couture you can get a matzo print cover for your toilet seat so that every time you want to go, you know why you are gong.
9th May 2007
Chosen plates
Kosher plates
If you have ever forgotten which of your dishes are for meat and which ones are for diary products, Chosen Couture can offer some help. The hip Jewish shopping site is now offering plates with either Meat or Dairy on them.
2nd May 2007
Jewish mother's day
With mother's day fast approaching in the United States and Canada, what do you give to the mother who has just about everything? Why not a Rabbi's Daughter hip and happening t-shirt?
25th April 2007
Winnie The Jooh
I love Winnie
When it comes to sheer chutzpah, it doesn't get any better or more brilliantly than Shalom Shirts and its Winnie The Jooh offering. Your favourite huggable bear now sports traditional Chasidic gear with a black hat and payis on the side of his head.
18th April 2007
Yiddish t-shirt
Wear Yiddish
Another Wednesday shopping story and another Jewish t-shirt to go out and buy. This time it's The Yiddish Guide to the Perfect Word.
11th April 2007
Ben & Jerry's
Free Ben & Jerry's
Nice Jewish boys Ben and Jerry who founded their own namesake ice cream company have a special post Passover treat - free ice cream. On Tuesday April 17 from 1pm to 5pm, Ben & Jerry's will celebrate their 29th annual free cone day.
4th April 2007
Got Matzo
Passover tease
Well, just when you thought you've seen every Jewish tee you can think of, comes a Passover inspired one. As the average Jew is likely to go through two pounds of matzoh, then it's pretty apt to find "Got Matzo, Need Prunes".
28th March 2007
Apples To Apples Yiddish
Yiddish Apples
How many modern board games can you name that are in Yiddish? Probably none, but ever popular mind game Apples To Apples has been translated into Yiddish for those who want to play in old school Jew talk.
21st March 2007
Chewbacca the Jew
Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not doesn't matter, what does matter is getting the joke and statement that a Jewbacca t-shirt has to offer. The t-shirt comes in one colour - gold yellow with the Jewbacca image in brown.
14th March 2007
Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein Brothers back in fashion
Hollywood producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are branching out into fashion after acquiring top style label Halston. The fashion house is best known for dressing the international jet set during the 1960s and 1970s.
7th March 2007
I Love Hashem
Just loving it
Looking for what is likely to the ultimate in Jewish t-shirts and one that can unite all Jews across the religious spectrum, then the I Love Hashem (based on the classic I Love New York) is for you.
28th February 2007
Wear it SuperJew
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird?... Is it a plane? Nah, it's SuperJew. Well, that's what people might start to say if they see you strolling around with a SuperJew tee.
21st February 2007
Good Luck Bracelet
Wearing good luck
The beads may look like the balls you see on a pool table, but Chosen Couture's Good Luck Bracelet should help give you the edge when it comes to looking good.
14th February 2007
Shalom Kitty
Tees for toddlers
Why should it just be adults who have all the fun with Jewish themed t-shirts. The good folks at Ohiso are offering a rather delightful play on Japanese Hello Kitty which they are calling Shalom Kitty and aimed at babies and toddlers.
7th February 2007
Manischewitz tee
Keeping it kosher
From wine to matzo and from cakes to soup, Manischewitz has it all and now Manischewitz fans can show how much they enjoy the foods company by wearing a Mani t-shirt.
31st January 2007
Star of David necklace
Real Jew-ellery
When it comes to Jewish bling, you really want to make your Jew-ellery shine out and offer a statement. So why just bother with getting one Star of David necklace, when you can get several Star Of David’s on the same necklace.
24th January 2007
Sweet J Girl
Hey J Boy, Hey J Girl
Those nice folks over at Rotem Gear are expanding their range of Jewish flavoured merchandise all the time and their latest is J Girl and J Boy t-shirts.
17th January 2007
Hasid Double-Dutch
Jews Do the Double-Dutch
Cult artist David Choe has moved into the Jewish arena with a Hasid Double-Dutch t-shirt designed for New York-based Jewcy. The Jewcy shirt takes the Double Dutch theme which was immortalised by Malcolm McLaren in the song of the same name.
10th January 2007
Moses action figure
All action Moses
When it comes to Jewish history, Moses has always been one of the most important aspects of it, whether it was receiving the Torah or just splitting the Red Sea, Moses is a major player and mover and shaker. And now there's a Moses action figure.
3rd January 2007
Jew talkin to me?
Jew talkin to me?
It never ceases to amaze us at the variety and choice of Jewish flavoured tees you can find online. And so for our first pick of 2007, comes Jew talkin to me?
27th December 2006
Yiddish Gift Shop
Flash your Hebrew wear
A week doesn't seem to go by without discovering a new entrant offering a Jewish flavoured t-shirt or some other form of Jewish pop culture being sold online. Newest entrant is Yiddish Gift Shop.
20th December 2006
Debbie Chazen in character
Tittybangbang review
Jewish performer Debbie Chazen has made a name for herself in the past year with the female-dominated sketch show Tittybangbang on BBC Three. Caroline Westbrook checks out series one, which has just been released on DVD and makes an ideal gift.
13th December 2006
A Dreidel for baby
Spinning around
What do you give the Jewish baby who has everything? Well, as it is now around Chanukah time, then the rather fabulous “My First Dreidel” is something for them.
6th December 2006
Sport dreidel
In with a sporting chance
If you like sport and enjoy the festival of Chanukah, then why not combine the two together with a dreidel that features Hebrew characters that are part of a sporting theme image. The four sporting themes are soccer, baseball, football and basketball.
29th November 2006
Chav yarmulkes
Fashion headwear
What do you give to a Jewish chav for Chanukah? How about a Burberry inspired Yarmulke? From kitsch Jewish shopping site Chosen Couture is a Yarmulke that features a Burberry inspired design.
22nd November 2006
Cowardly Lion
Oz costume for sale
The Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard Of Oz worn by Bert Lahr is set to be auctioned next month and is set to go for as much as $600,000. Lahr, born Irving Lahrheim in 1895, was a successful vaudeville actor before getting the coveted role in the MGM classic film.
15th November 2006
Miriam Gali Girl
Girls will be girls
If you are looking for wholesome Jewish doll and Barbie is too much of a Jewish American Princess, then the Gali Girls offer a modest and respectable doll to give to any Jewish girl or indeed, Jew who wants something kitsch for their home.
8th November 2006
Your mother would approve
What do you get the Jewish mother who has everything? How about a nice piece of jewellery with the word Mamaleh in it. Yes, everyone's mother is a darling and here's a way to celebrate it by letting everyone know she is.
1st November 2006
Chosen Chanukah
Chosen Chanukah
With just weeks to go before Chanukah starts, Daily Jews favourite Jewish shopping experience Chosen Couture have put together their Chanukah store in time for the lighting of the fist candle on December 15.
25th October 2006
Matzo yarmulke
Be a matzo man
Fed up with just having a plain and simple head covering that comes in black or even blue, well how about wearing a yarmulke that has a design based on a matzo?
18th October 2006
Shopping for heritage
New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage is not just a fantastic place to visit and immerse yourself in Jewish history and culture, but it's also a rather good place to visit online if you are looking to buy some quality Jewish themed gifts.
11th October 2006
Yom Kippur t-shirt
Diet tee
Yom Kippur is not exactly the first Jewish festival that springs to mind when using it as a theme for creating a Jewish t-shirt, but that’s exactly what CultClassicsTs has done with “I lost 5 pounds on the Yom Kippur diet”.
4th October 2006
Dog plush toys
Fido's Jewish treat
Next time someone says throw me a frickin’ bone, throw them something Jewish. The good folks at Chosen Couture is offering a choice of two plush toys for households who want to give their dogs a fun plaything with a Jewish flavour.
27th September 2006
wedding glass
Breaking up
Ever wanted your own wedding glass to break? Or just don't fancy the one you will be given at a wedding, well, Chosen Couture is offering a breakable glass that once broken can be saved and later used with a mezuzah.
20th September 2006
Hebrew beer t-shirt
Wear the beer
2006 marks the big 10 for the Shmaltz Brewing Company, America's only dedicated brewer of beer aimed at the Jewish community. And as well as buying its alcoholic delights, you can also wear its famous brand and drink out of a glass with its name on it.
13th September 2006
Barmitzvah certifcate
A barmitzvah gift
Looking for a gift to help a bar mitzvah remember his big day? Well, how about a certificate of the day painted onto ceramic that can be hung on any wall and be with them forever?
6th September 2006
The Mitzvah
Mitzvah online
An online registry for those celebrating a bar or batmitzvah has gone live. TheMitzvah.com aims to take out the hassle of choosing and selecting an appropriate bar or batmitzvah gift to buy for a boy or a girl.
30th August 2006
Jews I like to ...
Over at Store of David, it's about pushing the boundaries when it comes to Jewish themes on its range of tee shirts. And now, for the Jewish woman or indeed man who wants to stand out in the crowd comes the J.I.L.F.
23rd August 2006
Oy Vey
Get Mel on your chest
What's the best way to express an issue of importance and get people talking about it? Well, it's got to be a tee shirt which when worn can raise awareness of the issue to all those who see it. And a new Mel Gibson tee is turning heads.
16th August 2006
I control the media
More Jewish tees
Store of David is another online retailer of Jewish flavoured tees. And quite good they are too. For ladies, there's a "gelt digger" tee to express what they are looking for in a man.
9th August 2006
Very good yontif
It's only a few weeks away and ladies, you are probably wondering what you can wear to go to shul during the High Holidays. Well, Yontifications has glam you can wear depending on the Jewish festival and day of the week.
2nd August 2006
Manischewitz onesie
Jewcy baby
It's not just adults who can wear a Jewish t-shirt with pride, you can also plaster something Jewish across babies and Jewcy's range of products will certainly help turn your baby into a cool Jew.
26th July 2006
Gin and Jews
Gin and wear it
Just when you thought you had seen it all when it comes to taking a Jewish theme and putting it on a tee, comes yet another bright idea. No Star Clothing offers a range of tees for men, women and kids and among their designs is one for Jews called Gin and Jews.
19th July 2006
What Would Barbra Do
Barbra tee
So you have a problem and you don't know who to turn to? Well, you could ask What Would Larry David Do, or you could ask the same question to Barbra Streisand with a What Would Barbra Do t-shirt in glorious pink.
12th July 2006
Matzah Man
Matzah Man rocks
If you can't get enough of Passover and want it with you throughout the whole year, then the dancing Matzah Man should satisfy your cracker cravings. This doll, moves and grooves to a beat.
5th July 2006
Matzo ball toy
Matzo ball for cats
Why should humans have all the fun, enjoying Jewish life and culture? If you've got a pet cat, then why not treat him or her to something that combines being Jewish with that of being feline?
28th June 2006
Hebrew National shop
Shop Hebrew National
2006 marks the 101st birthday since the creation of Hebrew National. In those 101 years, Hebrew National has sold millions of hotdogs and other kosher delights and now, you can buy some great Hebrew National merchandise.
21st June 2006
Sarah Hebrew doll
Hebrew talking doll
She goes by the name of Sarah and is the world's first Hebrew and English speaking doll. Produced by Language Littles, the Sarah doll is able to say over 25 words and phrases and speaks first in English and then Hebrew.
14th June 2006
Kosher Titanic shopping
Looking to stock up on some kosher shopping but can't be bothered to trek miles to find somewhere to stock up on? Well, Manchester-based J.A.Hyman (Titanics) is offering a full online kosher shopping experience.
7th June 2006
Casino yarmulke
Jewish father's day
What do you give the Jewish father who has just about everything when it comes to father's day on the 18th June. Well, everyone's favourite Jewish shopping site, Chosen Couture, is offering a great selection of gifts.
31st May 2006
Jewish Baby Names
A name to show
What do you give the Jewish baby who has everything? How about their name in Hebrew on a special birth plate that they can treasure for later on in life. The birth plates are made in Israel and shipped to anywhere in the world.
24th May 2006
Old Navy Tel Aviv tank
Tel it like it is
For more than a decade, Old Navy (part of the massive Gap corporation) has been offering a shopping experience, where in its own words "shopping is fun again". And now, it's offering a fun tank top celebrating Israel's fun city - Tel Aviv.
17th May 2006
Bark-mitzvah present
A dog has often been called a man’s best friend, so what do you give your pooch when he or she reaches barmitzvah and batmitzvah age? Yes, a specially made doggie yarmulke and tallis set
10th May 2006
Israeli Diamond Industry
Israeli diamond geezers
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend and nothing is as precious as a diamond, but when it comes to working with these gems, Israel is one of the world's leading countries and now it is looking to start telling the world.
3rd May 2006
I Control The Media
Control the media
It's a well known fact that us Jews control the media, after all we've been told this for many years. And now you can buy into this by wearing a 'I control the media' t-shirt.
26th April 2006
Say Lo to Ken
Saying no to Ken
Londoners fed up with London Mayor Ken Livingstone can now buy a Hebrew and English sticker that offers a message direct to him. The 'Say lo to Ken' takes the hebrew word for 'no' which is 'lo' and cost £1.
19th April 2006
Finger puppets for Passover
Nice Jewish toys
In this day and age of big toy brands and international merchandising, what can a Jewish person give to a Jewish child as a present that installs some element of hamische values? Enter OyToys and its range of great Jewish toys.
12th April 2006
Most Original Judaica
Original Judaica
Looking for something a bit more original and unique when it comes to your Judaica, well Most Original has a great selection of Jewish stuff for all occasions.
5th April 2006
Alt.Jewish shopping
There's no doubt about it, Melissa Shiff is one bright Jewish cookie, a great modern Jewish artist and her Japshopper site with a range of culturally sound products is worth checking out.
29th March 2006
New concept in tzitzit
Looking for a new set of tzitzit to replace the ones you have been wearing since barmitzvah? Taking the traditional four fringe garment but making it more like a t-shirt, the NeaTzit is totally kosher and takes tzitzit to a new level.
22nd March 2006
Funky Frum's Rachel Lubchansky
Frum wear with style
For the orthodox Jewish woman who wants to buy clothes that aren't frumpy comes Funky Frum. Funky Frum is about empowering Jewish women with a range of clothes that are modest but modern at the same time.
15th March 2006
Match Fit Couture
Very Wise Suzi
Football agents don't have to be middle aged men chomping cigars and muttering "monster, monster" as Suzi Wiseberg celebrates her 23rd birthday by becoming the UK's youngest female football agent as well as having her own range of t-shirts.
8th March 2006
Yossi's Sweethouse
Yossi is sweet
With Purim less than a week away, if you are looking for those last minute Mishloach Manos gift sets to send to friends and family, then look no further than Yossi's Sweethouse.
1st March 2006
Gytha Mander
Jewish inspiration
Inspired by all things Jewish including Yemenite tradition, fashion label Gytha Mander is creating a bit of a buzz with its new collection which features all manner of Jewish names and biblical references.
22nd February 2006
Cleopatra’s Choice
Drop Dead Sea gorgeous
Looking for a more natural way to keep your skin looking good and to improve its quality, well, Israel's very own Dead Sea has been providing useful treatment for all sort of skin conditions and manufacturers have been bottling its beneficial properties.
15th February 2006
Delta Galil
Israel's undie success
Even wondered who was the behind the label that made the underwear for your behind? Well, those socks and other intimate apparels that you wear have probably been manufactured by one of Israel's leading textile companies.
8th February 2006
Give a Givony
Givony, one of Israel's leading names in leather products is turning to eBay to sell its products to customers outside the country. Inspired by Italy and using Italian leather for its products, Givony is based in Nes Ziona.
1st February 2006
Discover your roots
With TV shows such as Who Do You Think You Are and websites including JewishReunion, there's never been greater interest in genealogy. Now, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain has published a book to help trace your roots.
25th January 2006
Gefilte PISH
Yeah baby!
What do you give to the Jewish baby and their family who already have pretty everything? Well, a new range of clothes and gifts under the moniker Gefilte PISH aims to inject a sense of Jewish pride and humor for both parents and their babies.
18th January 2006
Jerusalem Compass
Pray in the right direction
If you are caught short and find yourself without a shul to daven in, you'll know how difficult it can be to work out which way to face in order to pray towards Jerusalem. Well, now, the Jerusalem Compass will be able to guide you in the right direction.
11th January 2006
Oy vey, another Jewish t-shirt
Selling t-shirts with a Jewish theme is nothing new, but Shtetlwear is looking to take their share of the Jewish t-shirt market with its Yiddish word range. Currently four phrases can be worn across your chest including Yiddishe Kop, and Nisht Gefidelt.
4th January 2006
Megillat Esther
Read all about Esther
Millions of people around the world love graphic comics, whether it is Sin City or Japanese Manga, the popularity of graphic novels is enormous. Putting a Jewish spin on them is the new Megillat Esther published by the Jewish Publication Society.
28th December 2005
Suicide Girls Chanukah
Light my fire
Looking for something a bit saucy and alternative to give as an Chanukah gift? How about a subscription to pin-up and alternative community site Suicide Girls, especially as the popular service is offering its own celebration of Chanukah.
21st December 2005
Wear the beer
Hebrew, the chosen beer is now something that not only can you drink and enjoy, but you can now wear merchandise that shows you are a smart Jew. The Hebrew Collection features a range of long and short sleeve t-shirts as well as a baseball gap.
14th December 2005
What would Larry David do
Express your Larry love
How many times have you encountered a Larry David moment? Whether it is getting into a picky argument with someone over something minor or ending up in a socially awkward situation. Well, know you can buy a t-shirt and sticker to celebrate it.
7th December 2005
Oy Vey Clock
Oy, what time is it
Ever wondered why Jews are late? We tell people we operate on JMT (Jewish mean time) and no one actually believes us, but it's true. And now, here is the evidence. Introducing the Oy Vey clock.
30th November 2005
Coca Cola Hebrew t-shirt
Wearing the real thing
It was only a matter of time before cult Jewish t-shirts crossed over to the mainstream. Trendy shopping experience Urban Outfitters with branches across the US and also three branches in the UK London, has started to flog various Jewish themed shirts.
23rd November 2005
Ten Commandments diamond
Diamonds forever
In the run up to Chanukah, what can you get for your nearest and dearest? How about some unique precious stones or jewellery and getting them direct form Israel? Well, Israel-Diamonds.com is offering a vast range of products to buy.
16th November 2005
The Great Big Box of Hanukkah Fun
Big fun at Chanukah
With Chanukah fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to buy and what could be better than something that is one present, but lasts for eight days. Say hello to The Great Big Box of Hanukkah Fun.
9th November 2005
Kosher Doggie
Things to make you go woof!
Why should it only be humans who have all the fun being Jewish and living a Jewish life? How about your kosher pets? Just in time for Chanukah, The Lighter Side is offering a matching yarmulke and tallis set for your favourite pooch.
2nd November 2005
Ancient Ties
Kosher ties
For men who want to look smart, nothing can be finer than to be suited and booted. But, what is you want to be suited and booted and express being Jewish at the same time? Welcome Ancient Ties, a tie company offer Jewish themed neckwear.
26th October 2005
Oy Baby
Jewish babies come back
Two years after Oy Baby!, the DVD and CD aimed at Jewish babies and toddlers, hit the market, a sequel is on the way. Oy Baby! 2 is due out in November, and promises more ways to engage your little ones with Judaism.
19th October 2005
Ilford Synagogue
Get Ilford on your chest
British Jewish things don't generally feature on hipster shopping services – until now, that is. We find the ultimate Ilford shul T-shirt with its address emblazoned with black text on a standout yellow background.
12th October 2005
Larry David
We're Mad About Larry
The funniest programme on TV, which is very rarely shown on British TV, is Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm. But the good news is that the show is available on DVD – and series four has just been released in the UK.
5th October 2005
Yiddish Books
Yiddish cheeky monkey
In 2003, Zackary Sholem Berger gave the world a Yiddish translation of the classic children's book The cat in Hat and it became Di Kats Der Payats. Now in 2005, the tales of Curious George gets a Yiddish translation in George Der Naygeriker.
28th September 2005
Duchy Honey
Rosh Hashanah Gifts
Are you stuck in a quandary over what to get loved ones and friends for the Jewish New Year? Have no fear, Daily Jews' Rosh Hashanah gift guide is here. We have chosen five great gift ideas to choose from.
21st September 2005
Say Shalom
If you thought you had seen the last of Jewish t-shirts, think again. A few years after the fad for Jewish t-shirts started, a new site is selling themes based around the Star of David combined with the peace symbol.
14th September 2005
Rosh Hashanah
Send a greeting
It's that time of the year when your thoughts start focusing on where to buy some Rosh Hashanah cards. Now in the UK, graphic designer Ravit Freeman has launched a range of tradional and contemporary cards for Rosh Hashanah.
7th September 2005
Keser Torah Monopoly
Toy vey my boy
Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, there must be some Jewish board games and toys I can buy? Well, probably not, but having stumbled across the Jewishtoy.com website, you may well start planning to grow your Jewish toy collection.
31st August 2005
The source of a shofar
Come blow your own horn
If you thought only those who were rabbinical or full of hot air could blow a shofar, think again. Gone are the days when it was a closely guarded secret where to buy a shofar and even learn how to make sounds with it. Find out how to blow your own.
24th August 2005
Diaspora Girl
Hey girls, wear your hat
Who says it should only be Jewish men who get the best deal in head coverings? A Los Angeles-based designer has come up with Diaspora Girl and offers a range of trendy head coverings for women who want to look cool in shul as well as hot outside.
17th August 2005
Jewishfunnybone.com card
Shofar so good for Jewish greetings
With Rosh Hashanah fast approaching and Yom Kippur not far behind, have you managed to get cards to send out to friends, family and even your rabbi? Fed up with the usual boring images of honey and apples? Then head over to JewishFunnyBone.com.
10th August 2005
Jewish Watch
Do Jew know what time it is?
Need to make sure you know what time shabbos is, or just want to double check any Jewish date? Well, if you are out and about, then wouldn't it be good to get all the information at hand, or at least on your wrist? Introducing the Jewish Watch!
3rd August 2005
Get shirty
Expressing your Jewish inner self with a kosher T-shirt never goes out of fashion. Appearing as a blog ad on your favourite Jewish blogs is Shoytz, who aim to put the "oy" in shirts, and boy, they seem to be working.

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