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There's more to Jewish food and drink than chicken soup and kiddish wine. Let DailyJews guide you to discovering more about the delights of kosher cuisine and liquid refreshment.
26th November 2007
Smoked salmon
Tasty kosher smoked salmon
If there is one food that is synonymous with being Jewish, it is of course smoked salmon. Now, tinned food giant John West has recently introduced smoked salmon to its range that is not just kosher supervised but actually quite good.
19th November 2007
Vienna goes turkey
Looking for something that is quick, easy and tasty to eat? Then in less than a minute you can have two turkey viennas from Yarden. Coming in as a packet of eight and costing around £2, the viennas are a handy snack.
1st October 2007
Castel Grand Vin
Castel Grand Vin
Having thoroughly enjoyed the delights of Castel Du Blanc (a white wine)from Domaine Du Castel, I had the opportunity to also try a bottle of their red - Castel Grand Vin Ė and happily it lived up to expectations.
24th September 2007
Understanding salt
Why does one person love the taste of salty snacks, and another dislike it? An Israeli researcher has discovered that babies born with low sodium levels in their blood, have a particular fondness for salt that lasts throughout their lives.
17th September 2007
Bloom's goes to Edgware
Bloom's has always been a Jewish landmark. First in the East End, then in Golders Green and now in Edgware. Having recently revamped its Golders Green branch, Bloom's has now opened up in Edgware on the site of the old Kinneret.
10th September 2007
Blanc Du Castel review
Independent Israeli wine maker Domaine Du Castel has been causing a bit of a stir over recent years, and having sampled its 2005 Blanc Du Castel, Leslie Bunder is captivated and comments that this is a "gracious white wine". Find out more.
27th August 2007
Put some licorice in your life
LicoLife, a new Israeli innovation from the licorice root, is a natural additive that is a breakthrough in the treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and strokes.
20th August 2007
Dorot expands in USA
Dorot Garlic & Herbs from Kibbutz Dorot has decided to establish a subsidiary in the USA to deal with importing the companyís trays of fresh garlic, herbs and spices from Israel as well as to manage logistics, marketing and sales across the USA.
13th August 2007
New Israeli tomato
Scientists from the Neve-Yaar Research Center in Israel have developed a new strain of tomato with rose and lemon fragrances. The development was discovered during research to improve the taste of various fruit and vegetables.
6th August 2007
Kelman's Indian meals
Indian delight from Kelman's
Kelman's is one of London's longest established butchers and as well as selling you fresh products, the company also produces a range of pre-cooked fresh and frozen products including Chinese and Indian meals. We tried out two.
30th July 2007
Hermolis lamb meal
Putting Hermolis to the test
What do you do if you can't be bothered to cook something from scratch and can't be bothered to go out and get a takeaway and bring it home? Recently we put a lamb meal to the test to see how good Hermolis is.
23rd July 2007
Linís Bee Farm
Hi Honey I'm healthy
Linís Bee Farm, a family run enterprise, is one of Israelís leading manufacturers of honey and honey-based health products. Find out more about their products.
16th July 2007
Ralphy's Burger
Ralphy's review
At first glace, Ralphy's in Edgware looks like a place you want to go to. Itís billed as a "traditional kosher New York Grill Restaurant full of American classics", so with that Leslie Bunder entered on a Sunday. Find out how he got on.
9th July 2007
Aunt Berta
Aunt makes it good
Israel's Aunt Berta's has taken the fruits of the orchards and turned them into natural preserves, marmalades, sauces and spreads. Among its delights are pomegranate jelly, pink grapefruit marmalade and lemon and mint sauce.
25th June 2007
Yemenite soup
Yemenite soup in London
Leslie Bunder is always on the look out for something different that's kosher but when it comes to soup and eating out, your choice is pretty much down to chicken soup. So on his quest for something different, he decided to try out The Whitehouse's Yemenite soup.
11th June 2007
Yarden gets beefy
Think of Yarden and what comes to mind? Chicken, turkey and more chicken and turkey. But recently, beef products from this Israeli food giant have been arriving in the UK and offering some competition to existing pre-sliced deli suppliers.
4th June 2007
Land of hummus and pita
Hummus is the common denominator for all Israelis. Ask an expatriate what he misses most, watch two Israelis argue for hours about where the best hummus is served, or try driving through the hummus-eateries filled streets of Jaffa on a Saturday and you'll understand.
28th May 2007
Chickpeas in Hummus
Chickpeas for life
Researchers have long claimed that the nutritional benefits of chickpeas could be one of the reasons for the rise of civilization in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, now a team of Israeli scientists believe they have discovered the reason why.
21st May 2007
Dairy rise in Israel
Sales of dairy products in Israel have gone up by 70 percent in the last week, ahead of the Shavuot holiday Tuesday, and cheeses comprised 45 percent of all dairy products sales, compared to 36 percent in an ordinary week.
14th May 2007
Coca Cola
Coke is it
Over the past few years, health food trends have been taking the world by storm, but only in Israel will the world's most popular soft drink be manufactured without preservatives or artificial food coloring.
7th May 2007
Kosher conference
Passover mazot for celiac patients, rabbinical supervision via the internet, and second-rate Chinese seafood as kosher shrimps Ė these are only some of the gastronomic innovations discussed at a four-day-long kosher convention held in Jerusalem.
30th April 2007
Israel wines in Asia
Israeli wines were featured at a wine tasting event in both South Korea and Japan in March, with one objective: Promoting sales and penetrating Israeli wine into these countries.
23rd April 2007
Israeli healthy eating
A giant health food and organic supermarket is set to open in June in Israel's Netanya's Poleg commercial area. The store, which will be called Eden Teva Market, was built with a $6 million investment by businessman Guy Provisor.
16th April 2007
Israel's number 1
Dairy company Tnuva's milk in a carton with a twist-on cap is Israelís leading food product, outselling the top twenty most popular food products in the country.
9th April 2007
Matzo balls
Old school matzo balls
Can't cook like your mother, but still want to offer the matzo balls just like mamma used to make? Well, you can always fake it by buying a glass jar of Manischewitz Matzo Balls in Broth.
2nd April 2007
Pepsi Max
Get the Max for Passover
Pepsi Max has been making an appearance in kosher supermarkets for drinking over the Passover festival. So what is the can like? Is it a good alternative to Coke?
26th March 2007
Martha Stewart
Martha goes kosher
Jewish cooking is not just for Jews as homemaker extraordinaire Martha Stewart is getting into the Passover spirit by offering a huge choice of recipes to make.
5th March 2007
Tasty home cooking
A company based in London is offering real Sephardi style food that can be bought at many kosher retailers across town. Taste Of Back Home makes authentic delights that Sephardis would have eaten in India as well as Iran and Iraq.
19th February 2007
Yarden shawarma
Shawarma aleichem
If you want to sample one of Israel's most popular dishes, shawarma, you don't need to go to an Israeli restaurant, you can make it at home courtesy of Yarden.
29th January 2007
Dried fruit
Rise in dried fruit
The holiday of Tu B'Shvat brings sales of dried fruits in Israel to approximately $47 million, according to the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.
15th January 2007
Glucodan tea
Healthy tea
An Israeli company plans to introduce Glucodan, a herbal tea to the UK this year which it claims can substantially reduce the blood sugar levels of diabetics.
8th January 2007
Tivall expanding
2007 will mark the big 21 for Israeli veggie food company Tivall and never has its business been stronger. From Sainsbury's own brand hot dogs to Asda chicken style pieces, Tivall is making a major push into offering own branded products.
1st January 2007
Kosher shrimp
Kosher shrimp delight
At first glance, you might wonder why "shrimp" might be sold in Jewish grocery stores, but upon further inspection you soon discover that Jacob Le Pecheur "shrimp" is actually kosher fish that is shaped into shrimp and aims to taste like it as well.
25th December 2006
The Burger Bar
Tasty kosher burger
London has seen an explosion in recent years of gourmet burger restaurants but until recently none of them were kosher. Now, with the addition of The Burger Bar, Jewish Londoners can get a tasty burger that's as good as any non-kosher around.
18th December 2006
Chicken and latkes
Chicken delight
North West London's Kosher Deli has been well established as the home of reasonably priced fresh meats, cold cuts and other prepared food. Over recent years, one of its most famous additions to its range of products on offer is fresh rotisserie chicken.
11th December 2006
Carmelli bagel
A better bagel bite
For more nearly two decades, Carmelli in Golders Green has been serving baked goods to Jewish Londoners. Its flavoured bagels have emerged as some of the biggest and best you can buy in the capital.
4th December 2006
Hebrew Beer
Chanukah brew
With just a two weeks to go before Chanukah arrives, Hebrew Beer from Shmaltz Brewing Company has announced its latest beer to not just coincide with its own 10th anniversary, but also to make it in time for Jews to drink over the festival of lights.
27th November 2006
McCain chips
Jews have their chips
Strictly kosher chip lovers will soon be able to have their McCain chips with any meal they make at home. The chip giant has received kosher certification from the Sephardi Kashrut Authority for a number of products.
20th November 2006
Yarden Shishklick
Chicken shishlick's good...
When to it comes to chicken nobody seems to know it better or have a bigger range of prepared chicken products than Yarden. And one of its more popular already cooked products frozen is shishlick.
13th November 2006
Yarden chicken legs
Yarden is big leggy
Like chicken leg but don't want the hassle of getting them raw, coating them and then roasting the pieces? Well, Israeli chicken experts Yarden offers one of the easiest ways to enjoy chicken legs.
6th November 2006
Kosher food show
Kosher food show
Following on from last year's inaugural World Food Market which featured a kosher food exhibition, organisers are hoping to repeat the success this year when the show takes place on November 29 and November 30 at the Excel Centre in east London.
30th October 2006
Get pumpernickled
One of the biggest complaints New Yorkers have when they arrive in London is the lack of a decent bagel and limited choice of what there is. One of the better bagels you can get is from the Hendon Bagel Bakery who offer the exotic pumpernickel.
23rd October 2006
Prepared pomegranate
Hassle free pomegranate
One of the nicest fruits is the pomegranate, but a major downside is that it can be quite a messy fruit to remove its juicy seeds. But now making a mess eating fresh pomegranate is a thing of the past thanks to prepared Israeli pomegranate.
16th October 2006
Smoked salmon
Tasty kosher smoked salmon
If there is one food that is synonymous with being Jewish, it is of course smoked salmon. Now, tinned food giant John West has recently introduced smoked salmon to its range that is not just kosher supervised but actually quite good.
9th October 2006
Use your etrog
Another year, another sukkot and with that comes the rather awesome citrus fruit, the etrog. Once you've done all you holding and shaking of the etrog with the lulav, there's plenty of life left in the etrog for adding to food. Find out more.
2nd October 2006
Yarden chicken sausages
Yarden chicken sausages
When it comes to quick and easy meals, Israeli food manufacturer Yarden comes trumps. Famed for its chicken and turkey meals, Yarden seems to do well with whatever it offers. And it doesn't get any better than Yarden chicken sausages.
25th September 2006
Dead Sea
Dead Sea eating
The Dead Sea is not just a place to relax and float, it's also home to some great places to eat. Use our guide to plan a night out with a fantastic meal, from veggie to fish, there's a good cohice of places to choose at the Dead Sea.
18th September 2006
Hebrew beer
Hebrew lessons in beer
Way back in 1996, if someone had told you that Hebrew, a kosher beer would still be going strong a decade later, they might have said you were having a laugh. Well, Jeremy Cowan has been having a laugh with his Shmaltz Brewing Company.
11th September 2006
Kugel time
Let's face it, a good potato pudding or kugel as some people prefer to call it is a staple part of the Jewish diet along with roast chicken and vegetables. The Great Food Company offers a prepared version that is a delight.
4th September 2006
Enjoy a pickle
A good kosher pickle can be hard to find. Short of getting some cucumber and pickling it yourself, how can you be assured of the best possible pickle? Well, The Homemade Cucumber Company's new green pickles are something worth taking a bite out of.
28th August 2006
Nok Out
Export ice cream
Like selling ice to Eskimos? The Israeli plant of Swiss food giant Nestle will be exporting its "Nok Out" ice cream bars to Switzerland. The popsicles will be marketed in Switzerland under the brand name Heaven.
21st August 2006
Turkey pastrami
Talkin' Turkey
Think of pastrami and you'll usually be thinking about beef, but there's no reason why the special curing and spices that go into a pastrami can't be used on other meats and turkey is a versatile food that can be made into tasty pastrami.
7th August 2006
Manischewitz Borscht
Can't beet borscht
If you want a taste of the old country, it doesn't get any more traditional that a bowl or glass of borscht. Effectively what you are getting is beet juice and Manischewitz has just the right borscht that your grandparents would be proud of.
31st July 2006
Kosher Nosh Guide
Kosher delights
If you want to find out what snacks and treats are kosher to eat, then the 2006 Kosher Nosh Guide will be your best friend. The pocket sized booklet is free of charge and offers advice on nearly 2000 products including crisps, nuts and ice cream.
24th July 2006
Elsa's Story
Elsa's biscuits
There's something truly special about Elsa's Story. This Israeli bakery manufactures a wide range of products and its range on offer in the UK seems to be increasing all the time and now butter cookies filled with strawberry are here.
17th July 2006
DD's Sandwiches
Something filling
If you keep kosher and are looking for a sandwich to each at lunchtime, unless you make it yourself, there hasn't really been much of a choice. But over the past few years, DD Sandwiches have been raising the standards in kosher ready to eat sandwiches.
10th July 2006
Cobra 0.0%
Cobra goes zero
It looks like beer, certainly tastes like beer but Cobra 0.0% is totally non-alcoholic and offers kosher beer drinkers new choice when they fancy a drink but don't want it alcoholic. Like regular Cobra, 0.0% is certified kosher by the London Beth Din.
3rd July 2006
Eating at Lemonade
Israeli kosher delight
Smack bang in the centre of Hendon's Brent Street, Lemonade is one of London's best value for money kosher eateries. Read a review of the dining experience by Caroline Westbrook and Leslie Bunder.
26th June 2006
Cobra beer is now officially kosher
Indian beer goes Kosher
Whether you like your curry hot or mild, nothing goes finer with a good old ruby than some beer. So it's really good news that Cobra, one of the most popular Indian beers on the market, has now been certified kosher.
19th June 2006
Knorr rice
Knorr blimey
If you've got five minutes, what is the best way to make the most of it if you are looking for something kosher and tasty? Well, Knorr's rice dishes take just five minutes to prepare and offer one of the tastiest rice dishes in town.
12th June 2006
Kosher curry expansion
Indian kosher food is expanding in the UK with a new kosher Indian restaurant in Hendon opening up and a full range of kosher Indian delights hitting supermarket shelves. Cara Wides finds out more about Jewish Indian Londoners.
5th June 2006
Kelman's fishballs
Something fishy
Kosher butcher Kelman's has expanded its range of non-meat products with the introduction of fish balls. You can pick them up through supermarket chain Asda as well as other select retailers for around £3 a packet.
29th May 2006
Osem parve chicken soup
Veggie chicken soup
Fancy some chicken soup without the chicken? Well, Osem offers a rather tasty treat in the form of its parve chicken soup with noodles.
22nd May 2006
Shahaf lemon cake
Shahaf lemon cake
When it comes to ready made cakes, those made in Israel tend to be up there as among the best and Shahaf with its lemon cake without sugar carries on this tradition. Taping into the diabetic market, Shahaf's lemon cake offers a tasty treat.
15th May 2006
Food Doctor bagel
Bagel delights
The Food Doctor is renowned for being a useful source for advice and guidance when it comes to losing weight and keeping fit. From books and personal consultations, Ian Marber has grown his business to now include bagels.
8th May 2006
Blooms Deli
Blooming great
Now that the legendary 2nd Avenue Deli in New York is no more, where else can you go to get your authentic kosher deli food and have it shipped out? Well, Blooms Deli based in Westchester, New York will happily help you out.
1st May 2006
Osem soup
Weíve been fans of Osem for many years and the Israeli-made products it makes are some of the best food you can buy. Among its staples is tomato soup with rice. Like its cousin, chicken soup with noodles, this is fast, easy and convenient soup that is tasty.
24th April 2006
Osem chicken noodle soup
Chicken soupin' good
Want to make a chicken soup that tastes just as good as your mother's? Or maybe come pretty close to it? Well, Osem's chicken noodle soup is probably the closest you will get.
17th April 2006
Osem tomato soup
You say tomato
Osem makes one of the biggest ranges of kosher food products in the world. This Israeli-based company which is majority owned by Nestle also happens to produce some of the tastiest products around as well inlcuding tomato soup.
10th April 2006
Chili Chutney
Chili delight
It may say "for spicy hot buffalo wings", but don't think that Olivia's fabulous Chili Chutney cooking sauce is only suitable for chicken dishes as it seems to work with just about everything.
3rd April 2006
Knorr curry rice served with streak
Knorr's nice rice
Looking for something easy to make that goes well with meat or chicken, well Knorr's Rice with Curry pretty much does what it says on the packet. simmer it for five minutes and you've then got a hot and tasty side dish to go with your meal.
27th March 2006
Make a 'Wich
Like your ice cream loaded between two cookies and kosher? Well thatís exactly what is on offer from Ben and Jerry with its new to the UK Ď Wich. This offers a layer of chocolate chip ice cream in between two chocolate chunk cookies.
20th March 2006
Olivia dressing
Give it a dressing up
Got a salad and want to give it something more than a standard oil dressing? Well, Israel's Olivia Gourmet offers a range of dressings that can help transform any salad and make it into something special.
13th March 2006
Curry at New York deli
Londonís New York deli
A few months ago, we raved about new central London kosher restaurant Zvika for its authentic Jewish deli menu and quality of food, now, Zvika has new management and been renamed The New York Deli.
6th March 2006
Cigarim are smokin'
Despite its name, Cigarim have really got nothing to do with smoking, though they are cigar shaped. Best described as an Israeli take on Chinese spring rolls, cigarim are long thin pastry rolls that are filled with either minced meat, usually lamb or potato.
27th February 2006
Roast beef meal from Hermolis
Great hospital food
Let's face it, no one likes being in hospital and everyone assumes that hospital food is always bad, but when it comes to kosher hospital food, the quality and quantity provided is proving very good from supplier Hermolis.
20th February 2006
Pom Wonderful
Pom is great
Over the last year or so, Brits have started to follow their US cousins by adopting Pomegranate juice as part of their daily diet. And now, Pom Wonderful has now arrived in the UK and it's fully kosher.
13th February 2006
Telma soup
Use your noodle
It's often said, that no one can make chicken soup better than your own mother, but the reality of course is that if you really knew how your mother made it, you might be somewhat surprised. It could well be Telma chicken noodle soup.
6th February 2006
Gate Gourmet
Gate opens in Israel
Airline catering giant Gate Gourmet which suffered from a long and bitter strike with its workforce at Heathrow Airport is looking to expand its operations into Israel.
30th January 2006
Use your loaf
If you thought kosher bread was only rye or challah which stayed fresh for a day and are getting fed up by the limited variety of bread choices on offer, then you'll be pleased to know that Burgen's products are now kosher.
23rd January 2006
Yarden turkey
Turkey for all
Thin slices of turkey breast with a light smoky taste is what Yarden's poultry packet is all about. This versatile product can serve two people either as a tasty sandwich or as a terrific salad. It doesn't get any easier that these turkey packets.
16th January 2006
Turkey viennas
Vienna goes turkey
Looking for something that is quick, easy and tasty to eat? Then in less than a minute you can have two turkey viennas from Yarden. Coming in as a packet of eight and costing around £2, the viennas are a handy snack.
9th January 2006
Bamba snacks
La La Bamba
It's made out of corn, it's puffy and it tastes of peanuts. Well, it can only be Bamba Snacks, one of Israel's most popular snacks. Millions of people munch through the bags every year in Israel as well as being exported to countries all across the globe.
2nd January 2006
Yarden frozen chicken
Chicken tonight?
As a nation of poultry lovers, one of Israeli's finest exports is all things feathered, or in the case of chicken, all things plucked. And it doesn't get plucking better than frozen chicken from Yarden.
26th December 2005
Kaifeng for Chanukah and Xmas day
Kosher chinese Xmas day
It's not just American Jews who can have kosher Chinese on Christmas Day. British Jews are also getting in on the act, Kaifeng dishing up a terrific Chinese experience.
19th December 2005
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Chanukah
They're the favourite food of Homer Simpson, and much beloved by American movie cops with their coffee. Now the real American doughnut, Krispy Kreme is in the UK and with Chanukah just around the corner these make a great Chanukah treat.
12th December 2005
Tuna bites
A tasty bite
If you're fed up with fish fingers, and fishballs don't quite tickle your taste buds, then tuna bites could be just what you're looking for. And the Great Food Company makes a great tuna bite suitable for all eating occasions.
5th December 2005
Reubens Chicken soup
Kosher West End
Reubens in London has been pretty much part of the kosher eating scene for well over 30 years. Previously located halfway down Baker Street, this tourist and cab driver's favourite moved to the top end of the street in the late 90s.
28th November 2005
elsa's story
Baking with Elsa
Elsa's Story is a range of premium cookies and snacks from Israel. We sample one of their recent creations, Banana and Chocolate Pastry Bites, and try to find out more about the elusive Elsa.
21st November 2005
Olivia Gourmet
Cooking up something saucy
If you've ever seen the Olivia Gourmet range of sauces at your local kosher emporium and not been tempted to indulge in their delights, you're missing a treat. Find out more about using Olivia with your cooking.
14th November 2005
Shawarma at Solly's
Good golly it's Solly's
What started off as a small takeaway restaurant, Solly's Exclusive in north west London's Golders Green has emerged as one of the biggest kosher restaurants in Europe.
7th November 2005
A taste of kosher China
In Hendon, north west London is Kaifeng, London's finest kosher Chinese restaurant and indeed one of the best in the world. Every Sunday, it offers an all you can eat buffet. Find out more about the delights of Kaifeng.
31st October 2005
Gilbert's Pastrami
Tasty Pastrami
Years ago, our forefathers and indeed foremothers never used to have refrigerators, so they needed a way to keep meat fresh so that it would last well. One way to do that is by pickling it and pastrami is one of the best meats which is pickled.
24th October 2005
Culinary etrog delights
With etrogs costing £10 or more, it seems a shame to not to use them once Sukkot is over. Why not try some of our suggestions to turn this biblical citrus fruit into a modern culinary delight?
17th October 2005
Yarden Kabanos
Versatile kabanos
Kabanos are a traditional polish sausage. Dry and slightly smokey they are ready to eat as is. Yarden offers two types of turkey kabanos - mini and regular size which are ideal on their own or adding to a meal.
10th October 2005
Breaking your fast
Here at Daily Jews, we're looking forward to Yom Kippur. Hard as it may seem, a full day of fasting actually gives you something to look forward to afterwards. That is, breaking your fast with some great food.
3rd October 2005
Kelman's chicken soup
Souper Douper Chicken Soup
Everyone says their mother's chicken soup is the best. But imagine you had a mother called Mrs Kelman? Then your chicken soup would really be the greatest. And best of all, Mrs Kelman would make it for everyone.
26th September 2005
Meals on the Go
Mash it up
The Chinese and Japanese may have given us instant noodles in a cup, so what does Israel do to satisfy the kosher palate when wanting something that is quick, easy and filling? It gives the world mash potato. And Osem is the market leader.
19th September 2005
Zvika - kosher deli in London
New kosher kid in town
Fed up with second rate kosher eating? Well, there's no need to moan and complain about getting hold of good deli food - now that Zvika is in town. Located in London's West End, Zvika offers a full range of deli delights.
12th September 2005
Chopped Herring
Something fishy for you
Do you have fond memories of your bubbe's cooking and a hankering for the foods from yesteryear? Well, something every bubbe would have made is chopped herring. Now, Mr Freed's is offering its own veriosn of the classic dish.
5th September 2005
Denise Phillips
Jewish cooking gets sexy
Denise Phillips is fast becoming associated as the Queen of modern Jewish cooking. Imagine Nigella Lawson crossed with Ainsley Harriott and you've got Phillips - fun, sassy and stylish.
29th August 2005
Chicken baguette meal
Kosher chicken lickin' good
Having been part of London's kosher eating scene for over a decade, Israeli restaurant Dizengoff in Golders Green has successfully entered the fast food market with sister eaterie DKFC.
22nd August 2005
Yarden Chicken Shawarma
I feel like chicken tonight
Want to make your own shawarma at home? Over the last couple of years, a number of Israeli manufacturers have offered frozen shawarama and previously the choice was just turkey. Now, Yarden offers instant chicken shawarma which is available chilled.
15th August 2005
The Inn Plaice
Get down inn it
When it comes to fish and chips, it doesn't get any better than The Inn Plaice. Located in North Finchley, London and close to the Arts Depot at Tally Ho Corner, they serve a great selection of fish, fried or grilled.
8th August 2005
Pizza pie from Slice
Grab a pizza the action
If you want New York style pizza but don't want to go to New Yok, a north west London kosher pizzeria called Slice is serving up some of the best pizza this side of the Atlantic.

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