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Lisa Loeb interview by: Leslie Bunder
Lisa Loeb
Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb first came to our attention when her song Stay (I Missed You) from the film Reality Bites become a massive hit across the world in 1994.

The sexy songstress from Texas has not been without media attention over the years and recently, Number One Single, a US reality show in which Lisa goes out to try and find her ideal match is now being screened in the UK on E! Entertainment Television on Sky and NTL.

In the series which goes out every Monday, we share with Lisa, the ups and downs of modern day dating.

Daily Jews recently caught up with Lisa by email and found out a bit more about what she is looking for, what being Jewish means to her and what she thinks of British Jewish men.

What are you looking for in your ideal men?

I'm looking for a mensch: kind, family oriented, but not a momma's boy, intelligent, loving, gregarious, between the ages of 35-43, taller than I am, good sense of humor, passionate about work and life, and someone who gets me. 

How do you compare dating Jewish men to non-Jews?  How important is it for you to meet someone Jewish?

I can't really make any generalisations about Jewish vs. non-Jewish. Actually, all of the Jewish men I meet aren't into being or knowing about Judaism. I really want someone who's either as spiritual as I am and introspective- it's a bonus if they are interested in Judaism as a system and structure for their spiritual life, or I want someone who at least respects my Jewish and spiritual practice, and is willing to and interested in participating in raising kids Jewish with all of the holidays, food, and history and cultural aspects involved. There are people who aren't Jewish, who are more open to this than guys I've met who are Jewish.

Your brother married out, how did you and your family react to that? How important is it to you for Jews to marry Jews and bring up their children Jewish?

My sister-in-law converted to Judaism, and more importantly, she's a great person, and my family really loves her no matter what. I'd like to bring up my kids Jewish - it means something to me in my life, but not in an exclusionary way - I'm not against other people bringing up their kids in other ways, as long as they are kind and respectful of others, and strive to be good people. I enjoy celebrating the holidays that I celebrated growing up, and I feel like my connection to the religion is a helpful system for raising kids. 

What do you think of American Jewish men compared to say British Jewish men? 

I don't know. Huh, I never thought about that before. British Jewish men have a funny British accent??  ha ha
How will you be celebrating Passover this year? 

I'm making a mazoh spanikopita and going to a seder with some friends. I'm also thinking about my own personal story of redemption, my own journey, and the path I'd like to take this year.  The second night of Passover, I'll start counting the Omer.  You can check out Chabad.org to find out about this interesting tradition. 

Would you ever consider doing something Jewish in your music? 

hmm.  I guess so.  I'm not sure what that means, but I am interested in music from many different cultures, and there are themes that I've learned through Torah study and melodies in the service that can be inspiring.

For more information: www.lisaloeb.com


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