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26th November 2007
Smoked salmon
Tasty kosher smoked salmon
If there is one food that is synonymous with being Jewish, it is of course smoked salmon. Now, tinned food giant John West has recently introduced smoked salmon to its range that is not just kosher supervised but actually quite good.
25th November 2007
Smooth-E aka Eric Schwartz
Celebrate Chanukah
A few years back Smooth-E aka Eric Schwartz gave us a Chanukah version of the Outkast class Hey Ya! and called it Hanukkah Hey Ya! which featured the very Jewtastic line of Oy is Yo Backwards.
24th November 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Midrash is the medium for discussing theology in Judaism rather than using rational philosophy." Find out more about what Rabbi Rosen has to say.
23rd November 2007
David Gest
Gest to make musical appearance
Reality TV star David Gest will take to the stage in a new musical about his life. David Gest Is Nuts… My Life As A Musical, see the music producer revealing throug song and dance his life story.
22nd November 2007
Tours for disabled to Israel
Travelling to Israel for those who are disabled or with limited mobility can be very daunting, but there's help being offered by a tour company who can put together tours to experience everything the country has to offer.
21st November 2007
Ilford Synagogue
Get Ilford on your chest
British Jewish things don't generally feature on hipster shopping services – until now, that is. We find the ultimate Ilford shul T-shirt with its address emblazoned with black text on a standout yellow background.
20th November 2007
Albert donates $30m
Trumpeter Herb Alpert has donated $30 million to pay for a new music school at the University Of California, Los Angeles. The music mogul gave the money to the university’s Los Angeles campus via his Herb Alpert Foundation.
19th November 2007
Vienna goes turkey
Looking for something that is quick, easy and tasty to eat? Then in less than a minute you can have two turkey viennas from Yarden. Coming in as a packet of eight and costing around £2, the viennas are a handy snack.
18th November 2007
Radio Jcom
Jewish radio for Leeds
The UK’s first full-time Jewish community radio station licence has been awarded to Radio Jcom in Leeds. According to a spokesman, the station will be “inclusive” to all parts of the 10,000 strong Leeds community.
16th November 2007
Jerry Zucker
Zucker's luck
Think of the Zucker brothers and Airplane comes to mind, but there are more than one set of brothers who have the last name Zucker and who work in entertainment. Two other Zucker brothers are delighting web users with short animations.
15th November 2007
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
14th November 2007
Chosen Couture
Fido's Jewish treat
Next time someone says throw me a frickin’ bone, throw them something Jewish. The good folks at Chosen Couture is offering a choice of two plush toys for households who want to give their dogs a fun plaything with a Jewish flavour.
13th November 2007
Jewish trio
Looking for something to play on your MP3 player? Caroline Westbrook makes suggestions based on what she is listening to at present. Find out more aobut her trio of sounds from Naftule's Dream, Lilah Tov and Gogol Bordello vs Tamir Muskat.
12th November 2007
Jewish trio
Looking for something to play on your MP3 player? Caroline Westbrook makes suggestions based on what she is listening to at present. Find out more aobut her trio of sounds from Naftule's Dream, Lilah Tov and Gogol Bordello vs Tamir Muskat.
11th November 2007
Malcolm McLaren
I'm A Celebrity Jew!
Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of punk legends The Sex Pistols and PR guru Lynne Franks, are this year's Jewish contestants taking part in ITV's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
10th November 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Faith schools
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "In principle, as a confirmed believer in separating state from religion, I do not believe states should support religious or denominational schools directly." Find out more.
9th November 2007
UK Jewish Film Festival
Film raises funds
A spontaneous collection at a UK Jewish Film Festival screening of My Mexican Shivah took place which helped to raise awareness and funds to help victims of the recent Mexican flood in the Tabasco region of the country.
6th November 2007
Mark Ronson
Winehouse has eyes for Ronson
Singer Amy Winehouse is so pleased with her recent collaboration with fellow kosher producer Mark Ronson , she does not trust anyone else to produce her next album.
4th November 2007
MC Rebbe
MC Rebbe up for award
Jewish entertainer, MC Rebbe has been named as a finalist in the world’s largest blog competition, the 2007 Weblog Awards. Known as "The Rapping Rabbi" MC Rebbe’s three-year-old blog was chosen from a shortlist of several thousand.
3rd November 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Multiculturalism is under attack. There is indeed heightened racial and communal tension in Europe. But is it multiculturalism’s fault?" Find out more.
2nd November 2007
Natalie Portman
Portman to make directorial debut
Natalie Portman is set to make her feature film directorial debut by taking charge of a planned film adaptation of Israeli novelist Amos Oz’s A Tale Of Love And Darkness.
30th October 2007
Mark Ronson
Ronson To Bring Foreigner Sound Up To Date
Foreigner founder Mick Jones is calling in a favour from his stepson Mark Ronson - the producer is helping the guitarist to help make a comeback album.
28th October 2007
Baron Cohen And Fisher Name Baby
Actress Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen have named their new baby daughter Olive. The Wedding Crashers star, 31, and her funnyman fiance welcomed their first child last week in Los Angeles.
27th October 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Every time I read the Biblical narratives about Abraham I am reminded of the differences between his day and ours. And the fact is that I usually think the comparison favours his."
26th October 2007
Natalie Portman
Portman becomes album compiler
Actress Natalie Portman has compiled an album of 16 of her favourite songs to raise money for charity. The proceeds which will go to FINCA International, an organisation that provides financial services to low-income entrepreneurs.
23rd October 2007
Mark Ronson
Robbie eyes Ronson
Kosher uberproducer Mark Ronson is in talks to record a comeback album with Robbie Williams. Ronson, who has worked with stars Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, last teamed up with the singer on his 2006 album Rudebox
21st October 2007
Kiss toothbrush
Kiss on your teeth
Veteran rockers Kiss have released a pioneering new toothbrush which transmits the group’s Rock & Roll All Night hit via vibrations in the bristles to the inner ear, while brushing.
20th October 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Middle Eastern books
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "My summer reading included some fascinating contrasts. It started with Amos Oz. I have to confess I am so far removed from secular Jewish angst that I have tended to steer clear of secular Israeli literature."
19th October 2007
Barbra Streisand
Peres Eyes Streisand
Israeli president Shimon Peres has asked Barbra Streisand to perform at the country’s 60th anniversary celebrations next year. Peres praises the singing diva’s rendition of Avinu Malkeinu.
16th October 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse goes rehab with Doherty
Jazz songstress Amy Winehouse travelled to Pete Doherty’s rehab clinic to prepare for their latest track.
14th October 2007
Amy Winehouse
Prince Wants Winehouse
Superstar Prince is hoping to persuade British jazz songstress Amy Winehouse to collaborate with him on a track - by inviting her to Christmas dinner. “I’m honoured. I’m a massive fan. I would love to work with him,” she says.
13th October 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "In my callow youth I used to think it absurd to have, as Jewish law requires, to wash and make a blessing every time I went to the toilet." Find out more.
12th October 2007
UK Jewish Film Festival
UK Jewish Film Festival
This year's UK Jewish Film Festival, which runs from October 29-November 15, promises an exciting selection of Jewish-themed movies from all over the world. Caroline Westbrook chooses the essential films to see.
10th October 2007
Blow up Menorah
With Chanukah fast approaching, now is the time to think carefully about what Chanukah kitsch you need to grace your home. Why not go for something big and full of attitude. How about an in yer face inflatable menorah.
9th October 2007
Bryan Adams
Adams Rocks For Peace
Canadian rocker Bryan Adams will headline a concert to promote peace in the Middle East next week. The Summer Of ‘69 star will perform in Tel Aviv on 18 October to raise awareness for a peace campaign launched by non-profit organisation One Voice.
7th October 2007
Jonathan Shalit
Shalit goes for Global TV
Music manager Jonathan Shalit is to further expand his Shalit Global agency into managing additional TV stars.
6th October 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Science is one kind of process and religion is another and the two are neither mutually exclusive nor necessarily contradictory but ideally complementary." Find out more.
5th October 2007
Natasha Kaplinsky
Kaplinsky In Mega News Deal
BBC newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky is defecting to commercial broadcaster Five to front its news programme in a deal said to be worth £1m a year. Kaplinsky starts he new role at Five in early 2008 and will be on-screen for its 5.30pm and 7pm news shows.
3rd October 2007
Expressing yourself
Looking for something a bit more upmarket and classy when it comes to your Judaica. Then, you should pay a visit to Jewish Expressions and its range of products which include 3D art.
2nd October 2007
Radio 1
Radio 1 Jews
Since the BBC's pop music station Radio 1 first burst on to the airwaves in 1967, it's played host to hundreds of DJs from all backgrounds. As the station celebrates its 40th anniversary, SJ recalls its kosher presenters.
1st October 2007
Castel Grand Vin
Castel Grand Vin
Having thoroughly enjoyed the delights of Castel Du Blanc (a white wine)from Domaine Du Castel, I had the opportunity to also try a bottle of their red - Castel Grand Vin – and happily it lived up to expectations.
30th September 2007
Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys And Cohen Up For Hall Of Fame
The Beatie Boys and Leonard Cohen are among the acts on the ballot for next year’s Rock + Roll Hall Of Fame induction. To be eligible for induction, nominees must have released their first single no later than 1982.
29th September 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "We who are part of a minority within a minority, ‘religious’ Jews of various hues and degrees, are in the midst of a fascinating, exhausting, but, for me at any rate, uplifting and exciting month."
28th September 2007
Bob Dylan
Dylan at shul
Bob Dylan returned to his Jewish roots at the weekend when he attended services for Yom Kippur in Atlanta, Georgia. The folk rocker was a special guest at Chabad-Lubavitch of Georgia, where he was called up by his Hebrew name Zushe ben Avraham.
27th September 2007
Temple stones
Temple stones
The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday the discovery of a quarry that supplied large stones used to build the Second Temple compound during King Herod's time.
26th September 2007
Flip Flops
Flipping and flopping
We all know you can buy fab and funky Jewish tees and even kosher slogans on underwear, but what about your feet? Yes, that's right. Jewish flip flips are now out.
25th September 2007
Shemspeed goes global
Busy as a beaver DJ Handler is set to put on his Shemspeed Jewish music club night across several different cities including New York and London in the space of just a few days in October.
24th September 2007
Understanding salt
Why does one person love the taste of salty snacks, and another dislike it? An Israeli researcher has discovered that babies born with low sodium levels in their blood, have a particular fondness for salt that lasts throughout their lives.
23rd September 2007
Tel Aviv
Duran Duran Tel Aviv theme
Israeli tourist chiefs are hoping to gain permission from pop group Duran Duran to use an obscure song recorded by them to use as the background music for an advertising campaign to promote Tel Aviv.
22nd September 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "For all its failings, or manifest limitations, does not religion offer us a vision of something more, even if it is a measure too far for us?" Find out more.
21st September 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse wins awards
Troubled jazz songstress Amy Winehouse has triumphed at two music awards on the same night. The Rehab singer was named Best Female at the MOBO Awards and Best Live Female across at the Vodafone Live Music Awards.
20th September 2007
Vatican to Israel
Israel's Ministry of Tourism has teamed up with the Vatican's new charter flight service in a joint bid to increase the number of Catholic pilgrim visitors to Israel.
19th September 2007
Selling Yom Kippur
Can every Jewish festival be commercialised? Sure, you can sell gifts based around Chanukah, Passover and Purim, but what about Yom Kippur? Yes, there's a Yom Kippur throw pillow, drinking mug and even mousepad.
18th September 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse back to work
Troubled jazz songstress Amy Winehouse is proving she has recovered from her recent drug problems by heading back to the studio. The Rehab hitmaker - who recently spent two short spells in rehab - has announced plans for a new album.
17th September 2007
Bloom's goes to Edgware
Bloom's has always been a Jewish landmark. First in the East End, then in Golders Green and now in Edgware. Having recently revamped its Golders Green branch, Bloom's has now opened up in Edgware on the site of the old Kinneret.
16th September 2007
Kol Nidre Live Online
Kol Nidre Live Online
Jewish entertainment and information website, JewishTVNetwork.com is to broadcast online a Kol Nidre service from Los Angeles’ oldest synagogue. The service will be streamed from Wilshire Boulevard Temple on Friday September 21.
14th September 2007
Brian Tesler
Brian Tesler interview
After a career in TV which spanned five decades, former London Weekend Television chairman Brian Tesler has turned his hand to writing, penning his memoirs. Caroline Westbrook meets him and talks about his past, unusual surnames and more.
13th September 2007
New Year travels
12,000 Israelis will travel for Rosh Hashana to the grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in the Ukrainian city of Uman, while 3,000 people (including Madonna) will arrive in Israel for Rosh Hashana for the International Kabbalah Center Conference.
12th September 2007
Good Yontifications
Looking for that something special gift to give to a batmitzvah girl or just the special woman in your life, then it doesn't get any better or more affordable than jewellery from Yontifications.
11th September 2007
Bob Dylan
Dylan back on air
Bob Dylan’s highly acclaimed Theme Time Radio Hour satellite radio show will return to US airwaves for a second season on 19 September.
10th September 2007
Blanc Du Castel review
Independent Israeli wine maker Domaine Du Castel has been causing a bit of a stir over recent years, and having sampled its 2005 Blanc Du Castel, Leslie Bunder is captivated and comments that this is a "gracious white wine". Find out more.
9th September 2007
Steffan Halperin
Mercury Prize Jewish winner
Drummer Steffan Halperin is celebrating after his band The Klaxons scooped the prestigious Nationwide Mercury Prize for their album Myths Of The Near Future.
8th September 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "As 5767 ends and we start 5768 we will enter another Sabbatical, the Seventh Year Release referred to in the Bible (Leviticus 25 and Deuteronomy 15) called Sheviit or Shmita." Find out more.
7th September 2007
RyanDan interview
Canadian twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky are set to make their mark on the music world with the release of their debut single, Like The Sun, and their self-titled debut album later this month. Caroline Westbrook talks to them.
6th September 2007
When in Rome...
The opening of a new glatt kosher hotel in Rome, only a few steps from the lavish Navone Piazza, is just another indication of the growing number of observant Jews who are traveling to this ancient city, rich in archeological sites.
5th September 2007
Fortune Cookies
New Year's fortune
It's that time of the year when we all start gearing up for Rosh Hashanah and welcome in the New Year and hope it will being us another year of delights. And what can be more delightful than to get hold of some wonderful fortune cookies.
4th September 2007
Michelle Citrin
Rosh Hashana girl
She’s funny, cute, sexy and just downright adorable and now Michelle Citrin can add another skill to her skillset, making cool videos.
2nd September 2007
Vladimir Sloutsker
Jewish TV plans
A Jewish Russian millionaire banker turned politician is behind plans to launch a global English language Jewish TV station that aims to start broadcasting during 2008. Vladimir Sloutsker believes Jews need their own channel.
1st September 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Recently the major Charedi rabbis of Israel announced a ban on mixed concerts, even when the sexes are seating separately and the performers themselves are very, very kosher." Find out more.
28th August 2007
Mark Bolan
Fans call for award for Bolan
Fans of tragic Marc Bolan have asked Brit Award bosses to hand the singer a posthumous prize, to mark the 30th anniversary of his death. Bolan was just 29 when he was killed in a car accident in 1977.
27th August 2007
Put some licorice in your life
LicoLife, a new Israeli innovation from the licorice root, is a natural additive that is a breakthrough in the treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and strokes.
26th August 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse up for award
Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is leading the nominations for this year’s Mobo Awards. The Rehab hitmaker is up for Best UK Female, alongside Beverley Knight, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jamelia and Joss Stone.
25th August 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Yeshivas and money
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes of the state of some yeshivas. "I am pretty sure the money goes to the private accounts of the nepotistic families which own and run these institutions." Find out more.
23rd August 2007
Dead Sea
New discoveries in Old Israel
Israel is full of romantic potential. Marcus J Freed and Natalie Marx explore the excitement of the holy land via the new ISSTA service, and travels to the Dead Sea for some natural vitality.
21st August 2007
Scarlett Johansson
Johansson's new album
Actress Scarlett Johansson feels guilty about how easily she secured a record contract for her upcoming album of Tom Waits covers, because she has musician friends who dream about releasing an album.
20th August 2007
Dorot expands in USA
Dorot Garlic & Herbs from Kibbutz Dorot has decided to establish a subsidiary in the USA to deal with importing the company’s trays of fresh garlic, herbs and spices from Israel as well as to manage logistics, marketing and sales across the USA.
19th August 2007
Yamit Mamo
Sing a song
Following last year’s inaugural X-factor style contest to find the Jewish community’s best vocal talent, The Big Voice is back again with the top prize of a recording session at rock star Bryan Ferry’s studio.
18th August 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Covering your hair
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Some fifty years ago it was unusual, in the west, to find an Orthodox rabbi’s wife who covered her hair outside of a synagogue. Nowadays, hair covering for women is almost the definition of Orthodoxy." Find out more.
17th August 2007
Kirk Douglas
Douglas returns to his roots
Acting legend Kirk Douglas is set to return to New York for his only appearance in the State to talk about his autobiography Let's Face It. The actor, who is now 90, will be telling stories about his life at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
16th August 2007
Tourists back in Israel
A year has passed since the second Lebanon war and the tourists are back in Israel. 214,300 tourists arrived in Israel in July 2007, a 43% increase compared to July 2006 and a 7% increase compared to July 2005.
15th August 2007
Chosen Couture
Jewish school days
With around a month to go before it is time to go back to school, Chosen Couture is offering a range of themed items to brighten up the new school year.
14th August 2007
David Lee Roth
Roth back in Van Halen
Van Halen will tour North America with singer David Lee Roth for the first time since 1985, it was confirmed at a Los Angeles press conference on Monday. Roth has reunited with original band members Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen.
13th August 2007
New Israeli tomato
Scientists from the Neve-Yaar Research Center in Israel have developed a new strain of tomato with rose and lemon fragrances. The development was discovered during research to improve the taste of various fruit and vegetables.
12th August 2007
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger Becomes Barmitzvah Hit
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in demand at barmitzvahs after agreeing to send a videotaped message to the nephew of Terminator 3 co-star Clare Danes’ ex Ben Lee.
11th August 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Abuse is never justified
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "If there are still some Jewish men whose mindset is barbaric, it is not the Bible to blame or Jewish law, but a clear deficiency in human sentiment."
10th August 2007
Woody Allen
Cassandra gets release
Woody Allen’s new film Cassandra’s Dream will get a UK release, his spokesman has confirmed. The drama, will not follow in the footsteps of the filmmaker’s 2005 cinematic offering Scoop - which failed to make British cinemas.
8th August 2007
Celebrate Sammy David Jr.
As the one of the most famous converts to Judaism, Sammy Davis Jr. is one Jew to celebrate. Chosen Couture is offering a t-shirt with his face and printed below is the simple but very effective text saying Mensch.
7th August 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse becoming fashion-able?
A range of jeans and other clothing bearing a moniker from jazz songstress Amy Winehouse could be in clothing stores in 2008 and the star is looking to take a “full hands on approach” to the fashion range.
6th August 2007
Kelman's Indian meals
Indian delight from Kelman's
Kelman's is one of London's longest established butchers and as well as selling you fresh products, the company also produces a range of pre-cooked fresh and frozen products including Chinese and Indian meals. We tried out two.
5th August 2007
Sarah Jessica Parker
Parker gets fashion-able
Sarah Jessica Parker chose to launch her clothing line with US discount store Steve & Barry’s - because she wanted to make her fashion affordable. Parker is promoting the Bitten range with a t-shirt that states “Fashion Is Not A Luxury”.
3rd August 2007
Scarlett Johansson
Fashionable Scarlett
Scarlett Johansson’s role in Girl With A Pearl Earring has inspired a new campaign for French fashion house Louis Vuitton. The 22-year-old actress appears alongside screen icon Catherine Deneuve and former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in the new advert.
2nd August 2007
The ancient pet cemetery is just one of Ashkelon’s many archeological treasures. Among the more modern sites are the beautiful marina, the blossoming promenade, seafront hotels, a colorful marketplace and a beer museum.
1st August 2007
Jew talkin' to me?
Jew talkin'
So you want to show a bit of Jewish attitude to your fellow Jew or indeed non-Jew? Then how about paying respect to Robert Deniro and the classic Taxi Driver with a Jewish flavoured t-shirt to celebrate the iconic movie.
31st July 2007
Mark Ronson
Dylan says yes to Ronson
Kosher uber-producer Mark Ronson has spoken of his “honour” at becoming the first artist to receive Bob Dylan’s approval for a remix. Ronson has created a hip-hop version of classic 1966 song Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine).
30th July 2007
Hermolis lamb meal
Putting Hermolis to the test
What do you do if you can't be bothered to cook something from scratch and can't be bothered to go out and get a takeaway and bring it home? Recently we put a lamb meal to the test to see how good Hermolis is.
29th July 2007
Rachel Stevens
Stevens No Specs Appeal
Former S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens’ pop career may have nosedived but she’s still got the X-factor when it comes to being the face of something. And this time round, she’s not so much the face but the eyes of disposable contact lens brand Focus Dailies.
28th July 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Jews talk
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "We all know Jews love talking, and there’s no better place to talk till you drop than a conference. Israel has been organising conferences forever. It’s not just for tourist bucks." Find out more.
27th July 2007
Sol Bernstein aka Steve Jameson
Steve Jameson interview
Comedian Steve Jameson has made a name for himself with alter-ego Sol Bernstein, a foul-mouthed Jewish pensioner given to making outrageous remarks. Jameson chats to Something Jewish about Sol, stand-up comedy and Suzie Gold.
26th July 2007
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Euro city?
Tel Aviv Municipality is asking the European Union to declare the city a European Capital of Culture. Every year since 1985, the EU chooses a city as the Capital of Culture for a period of one year and Tel Aviv wants to be that city.
25th July 2007
Feygelah Hag
Something fag-tastic to wear
So you are a straight Jewish female and you have loads of gay male friends, what can you wear to celebrate the fact? How about a Jewish inspired fag hag tee?
24th July 2007
Erran Baron Cohen
Erran Baron Cohen interview
Erran Baron Cohen – the brother of Borat and Ali G creator Sacha – made a name for himself a few years ago with the band Zohar. SJ talks to him about his involvement in the Sacred exhibition at London's British Library and his famous sibling.
23rd July 2007
Lin’s Bee Farm
Hi Honey I'm healthy
Lin’s Bee Farm, a family run enterprise, is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of honey and honey-based health products. Find out more about their products.
22nd July 2007
Barbra Streisand
An evening with Streisand
Matthew d'Ancona spends an evening with Barbra Streisand at the O2 arena in London. He says: "This was about the soundtrack not only to lives, but to generations". Find out more.
21st July 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Both Britain and the US are currently struggling with the issue of immigration. A lot of what can be said of Jewish immigration into Britain also applies to Jewish immigration into the US."
20th July 2007
Angels in America
Angels in America review
Marcus J Freed discovers that celestial bodies wear mascara in the Lyric’s production of Angels in America which is on until July 22. He says it is "a unique theatrical event and an absolute treat for any theatregoer."
19th July 2007
Tourists for one day
About 25,000 tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries have arrived in Israel since February without having had to go through the normal process of applying for a visa.
18th July 2007
Jewish rug
Rug a dub a Jew
Looking for a new rug for your children's bedroom? How about something with a Jewish theme to it? Over at School Outfitters, they've got a rug that features all the main festivals neatly put on it.
17th July 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse up for award
Jazz songstress Amy Winehouse has been shortlisted for the prestigious Nationwide Mercury Prize. Winehouse's well received Back To Black album goes up against 10 other finalists including last year's winner Arctic Monkeys and 2003 winner Dizzee Rascal.
16th July 2007
Ralphy's Burger
Ralphy's review
At first glace, Ralphy's in Edgware looks like a place you want to go to. It’s billed as a "traditional kosher New York Grill Restaurant full of American classics", so with that Leslie Bunder entered on a Sunday. Find out how he got on.
15th July 2007
Susie Essman
Susie Essman interview
Best known for being the loud and foul-mouthed Susie Greene in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Susie Essman is much more than just a supporting actress on Larry David's hit show. SJ talks to Essman about her UK tour, working with David and swearing at strangers.
14th July 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
On fasting
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Why is it that religions, all religions, seem to be associated with self-denial, fasting and smelling badly? It's one of the least appealing aspects, this holier-than-thou." Find out more.
13th July 2007
Jon Culshaw
Comedy night memorial
A packed crowd at London's Comedy Store helped to raise over £8000 as part of a memorial event to remember Miriam 'Mim' Hyman, who was a victim of the London Bombings of July 7 2005. Among comedians taking part were Jon Culshaw and Mark Maier.
12th July 2007
Times Square
Just New York it!
Check out our essential guide to the best sights, smells, shops and scenes that New York has to offer. If you only do 10 things during your stay, make sure they include these.
11th July 2007
Israeli T
T for Jew
Want to show your support for the boys and girls in the Israeli Defense Forces? How about adorning your body with some IDF t-shirts emblazed in Hebrew. Israeli-T is offering a wide range of shirts and at ultra-cheap prices.
10th July 2007
Oi Va Voi
Oi Va Voi concert review
Oi Va Voi are back after two tumultuous years with an eponymous second album. Elly Goodman went to London's Scala to see the band play material from it to a packed audience and find out if the wait for the album and gig was worth it.
9th July 2007
Aunt Berta
Aunt makes it good
Israel's Aunt Berta's has taken the fruits of the orchards and turned them into natural preserves, marmalades, sauces and spreads. Among its delights are pomegranate jelly, pink grapefruit marmalade and lemon and mint sauce.
8th July 2007
Sir Philip Green
Green's £5m donation
Retail tycoon Sir Philip Green is to give £1m a year over the next five years to Jewish Care. The owner of high street stores Top Shop, Bhs and Burton previously gave a £4.5m donation to the charity in 2005.
6th July 2007
Merchant Of Venice
Merchant on stage
Marcus J Freed goes to The Globe in London to see the latest production of Shakespeare's classic The Merchant Of Venice. He says of it: "deftly combines comedy with the play’s darker themes and provides an outstanding evening’s entertainment."
5th July 2007
Budapest delights
Budapest has a long Jewish history and Marcus J Freed goes there to find out more about what the city has to offer. He's impressed with what he finds especially the Great Synagogue.
4th July 2007
Rabbi's Daughters bag
My Yiddishe bag-lady
Always offering something a bit different and something you look at and say, wow, that is different is the rather lovely and very glam Rabbi's Daughters. And now, you can get a rather delicious bag from them.
3rd July 2007
Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson interview
Musician and producer Mark Ronson has made a name for himself by twiddling the knobs for the likes of Lily Allen and fellow kosher hitmaker Amy Winehouse. Caroline Westbrook chats to the man himself about being Jewish, making music and telling jokes.
1st July 2007
Scent of Caprice
Model Caprice Bourret will release her own brand of perfume early next year. Hot on the trail of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton - who have all released their own fragrances - the star is hoping to cash in on the celebrity scent trend.
30th June 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Education in Israel
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "There are internal challenges to Israel’s existence nearly as pressing as the external ones. The tension and gulf between the secular and the religious is one of them. One of the battlegrounds is Education."
29th June 2007
Streisand In Concert
Streisand In Concert
If you can't make it to one of Barbra Streisand's live shows in the UK next month, then the good news is that a new album recorded live in concert last year is now out. Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict.
28th June 2007
Dominican Republic
Jurassic Adventures
One unique, distinguishing and impressive fact separates the Dominican Republic from every other country on the planet. It was the only place to officially welcome Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Marcus J Freed finds out more.
27th June 2007
Tallit clip
Talit clip goes glam
If you are female and wear a tallit, you'll probably get a little fed up that the only type of tallit clip you can get is the standard silver or gold that most men have. But thanks to Jewish accessories company Yontifications, now you can get something.
26th June 2007
Bob Dylan
Dylan tops angry poll
Folk rock legend Bob Dylan has topped another music poll - this time for recording the angriest love song. Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right has claimed the top spot in an online Rolling Stone magazine poll.
25th June 2007
Yemenite soup
Yemenite soup in London
Leslie Bunder is always on the look out for something different that's kosher but when it comes to soup and eating out, your choice is pretty much down to chicken soup. So on his quest for something different, he decided to try out The Whitehouse's Yemenite soup.
24th June 2007
Fran Drescher
Drescher enlists Jolie
Angelina Jolie is set to honour her late mother’s cancer battle by appearing in a new public service announcement with comedienne Fran Drescher. Drescher, a cancer survivor, has founded the Cancer Schmancer movement.
22nd June 2007
Woody Allen
Allen to direct opera
Veteran filmmaker Woody Allen is to direct an opera in California. Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, general director of the Los Angeles opera, has invited Allen to direct an epic in September 2008.
21st June 2007
Thomsonfly going to Israel
Budget flights to Israel
The first low-cost no-frills airline to fly to Israel from Manchester and Luton is due to take off from November. Thomsonfly, will offer direct flights to Tel Aviv starting from £79.99 one way and £139.98 return.
20th June 2007
Israel Baseball League
Going baseball crazy
Now that the Israel Baseball League is a reality with teams playing as well as fans being able to watch the game, a range of merchandise is now on offer.
19th June 2007
Solomon Sisters
Solomon Sisters on tour
Jewish musical duo the Solomon Sisters are bringing their show to London, ahead of performing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. Yiddish Cabaret And Klezmer sees the pair reviving classic songs from the golden age of New York’s Yiddish Theatre.
17th June 2007
David Schwimmer and Georgia Slowe
Most fanciable Jews revealed
Former Friends star David Schwimmer and Emmerdale actress Georgia Slowe have emerged as the most fanciable Jewish celebrities. Coming second in the male category was Adam Levine while for females it was Rachel Stevens.
16th June 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Shimon Peres
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I am pleased that Shimon Peres is to be the president of Israel. Apart from his unfortunate pronunciation of the ‘piss process’, he is an articulate and elegant spokesman for Israel’s cause."
15th June 2007
Bob Dylan
Dylan wins award
Veteran rocker Bob Dylan has been honoured with Spain’s prestigious Prince Of Asturias award in recognition of his contribution to the arts. The 66-year-old follows in the footsteps of movie director Woody Allen who has previously won the award.
14th June 2007
Jerusalem by ear
The Jerusalemp3 project for the city's Municipality was launched a few weeks ago, offering visitors the opportunity to download guided tours of the city free of charge. Find out more.
13th June 2007
Matzo Ball baby
A Matzo baby
Looking to dress up your little one in Jewish kitsch? Even though we are months away from Passover, you can still order a body suit for your baby that is matzo themed.
12th June 2007
Jeff Wayne
Jeff Wayne interview
Composer Jeff Wayne is best known for his 1978 album and musical The War Of The Worlds. As a new highlights album is released and he prepares to take the musical on tour, SCaroline Westbrook talks to him.
11th June 2007
Yarden gets beefy
Think of Yarden and what comes to mind? Chicken, turkey and more chicken and turkey. But recently, beef products from this Israeli food giant have been arriving in the UK and offering some competition to existing pre-sliced deli suppliers.
10th June 2007
Simon Cowell
Cowell's Jew Factor
Looks like showbiz mogul Simon Cowell can trace his roots back as a member of the tribe. The American Idol to Britain’s Got Talent judge has paternal grandparents who were married at an East London synagogue.
9th June 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Blood libels
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "It will come as no surprise that the Blood Libel is making a big comeback in the Muslim world and is repeated and exaggerated on state sponsored television throughout that culturally benighted part of our planet."
8th June 2007
David Gest
Gest's Jewish connection
He’s known for his flamboyant lifestyle and dress sense. He is also known for wearing two diamond-encrusted crosses. But behind the facade, David Gest is actually a nice Jewish boy from California.
7th June 2007
Coming out to Israel
Israel's Ministry of Tourism is looking to increase the number of gay and lesbian tourists to visit Israel. An advertising campaign will feature a same-sex couple on a camel and two men in yarmulkes kissing in Jerusalem.
6th June 2007
Trust Me, I'm A Rabbi
Wear’s the rabbi?
Those fun folks at Shalom Shirts have been bringing out a range of quirky and off-beat Jewish themed tees for quite a while, among them is Trust Me, I'm A Rabbi.
5th June 2007
Amy Winehouse
Getting Winehouse endorsement
Drink companies in Japan as well as the USA and UK are looking to snap up jazz songstress Amy Winehouse to front advertising campaigns, on TV, billboards and print.
4th June 2007
Land of hummus and pita
Hummus is the common denominator for all Israelis. Ask an expatriate what he misses most, watch two Israelis argue for hours about where the best hummus is served, or try driving through the hummus-eateries filled streets of Jaffa on a Saturday and you'll understand.
3rd June 2007
Samantha Freedman
Miss Jewish World?
Samantha Freedman, an 18-year-old Jewish student studying for her A Levels has taken another step closer for the chance to become the next Miss England and represent her country at the annual Miss World competition by winning Miss Hertfordshire
2nd June 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Style over content
1st June 2007
Fiddler On The Roof
Fiddler On The Roof review
Six months after its hugely successful run at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, the latest production of classic musical Fiddler On The Roof, starring actor Henry Goodman, has arrived in London's West End. SJ's Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict.
31st May 2007
Dead sea
Dead Sea hotel expansion
The Israeli government has approved a plan for the construction of new hotels with a total of 3,200 rooms in the northern part of the Dead Sea. In addition, a four-lane, well lit highway that is being built, will shorten the journey to Jerusalem.
30th May 2007
Mensch baseball
Mensch of the Day
With Mother's Day now over, all thoughts turn to what to give to dad for Father's Day. If your dad is a baseball kind of guy, then how about a Mensch baseball that sits on top of some imitation green grass?
29th May 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse duet with Sir Elton
Jazz songstress Amy Winehouse is set to duet with music legend Sir Elton John. According to an industry insider, Sir Elton is smitten with the recently wed north Londoner and wants to work with her.
28th May 2007
Chickpeas in Hummus
Chickpeas for life
Researchers have long claimed that the nutritional benefits of chickpeas could be one of the reasons for the rise of civilization in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, now a team of Israeli scientists believe they have discovered the reason why.
27th May 2007
Ken livingstone
New Jewish London guide
The latest edition of the Jewish London Guide which covers arts and cultural events in the capital is now out. Supported by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, the guide offers 30 pages of events happening in the spring and summer.
25th May 2007
Rita Simons
Simons in Eastenders
Rita Simons, a niece of loudmouth electronics tycoon Sir Alan Sugar - currently firing people in the latest series of The Apprentice - is set to star as a feisty relative of the Mitchell family in long-running soap EastEnders.
24th May 2007
Mini Israel
Mini Israel for you
Israel's popular miniature park, Mini Israel, now offers a new service in which customers will be able to see models of their own buildings or homes at the miniature site.
23rd May 2007
Budweiser Hebrew
Wazzup in Hebrew?
In the immortal words of that famous TV commercial - wazzup. And if you want to take a bit of Bud to your chest, then how about the Budweiser in Hebrew? Israeli t-shirt and clothing company Zahal is offering for a mere $11.99 a Hebrew Bud tee
22nd May 2007
Geoff Berner
Klezmer Comes To London
Klezmer fans are in for a treat this weekend with three klezmer acts performing at the Klez In The City event in East London. Among those taking part are London-based group Kosmos and eccentric Canadian musician Geoff Berner.
21st May 2007
Dairy rise in Israel
Sales of dairy products in Israel have gone up by 70 percent in the last week, ahead of the Shavuot holiday Tuesday, and cheeses comprised 45 percent of all dairy products sales, compared to 36 percent in an ordinary week.
20th May 2007
Scarlett Johansson
Johansson to become Scots Mary
Sexy actress Scarlett Johansson will star as tragic monarch, Mary, Queen of Scots in a new movie. The Lost In Translation star, 22, will take the lead in director James Curran’s Mary, Queen of Scots.
19th May 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "The biblical harvest festival of Shavuot, which comes round again this week, is also the anniversary of the Sinai Covenant which is the defining moment of Judaism as a religious and civil system."
18th May 2007
Jerry Seinfeld in Bee Movie
Seinfeld takes the bee
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld took a huge leap of faith to promote his new film Bee Movie at the Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday - by jumping from a hotel roof, dressed as an insect.
17th May 2007
Masada Museum
New Masada museum
The story of Masada comes to life in a new museum. The site – a symbol of Jewish perseverance and sacrifice – now offers guided tours by Josephus Flavius and archeologist Yigal Yadin.
16th May 2007
Matzo toilet seat cover
Go, Go, Go
What can you get to make your bathroom a little bit Jewish? Well, how about a toilet seat cover? Yes, for $18 from Chosen Couture you can get a matzo print cover for your toilet seat so that every time you want to go, you know why you are gong.
15th May 2007
Barbra Streisand
Streisand plays another date
Legendary singer Barbra Streisand has added an extra date to her UK tour. Streisand, who will be joined on tour by a 58 piece orchestra, will now play three nights at London’s O2 Arena, on July 18, 22 and 25.
14th May 2007
Coca Cola
Coke is it
Over the past few years, health food trends have been taking the world by storm, but only in Israel will the world's most popular soft drink be manufactured without preservatives or artificial food coloring.
13th May 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse fit for a Prince
Jazz songstress Amy Winehouse has vowed to “drop everything” to secure a duet with her musical idol Prince. The superstar has already invited Winehouse to join him on the London stage this summer.
12th May 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Ghetto life
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I am always surprised that whenever I am critical, some of my readers assume that I am depressed. So let me admit that this piece is indeed influenced by spending time in one of the world’s great ghettos, Antwerp."
11th May 2007
Annabel Karmel
Annabel Karmel interview
Over the past decade, Annabel Karmel has made a name for herself with her recipes for babies and children, and her attempts to change the way we feed our families. SJ's Caroline Westbrook talks to Karmel who is appearing at the Baby Show in Birmingham.
10th May 2007
5th Ave in Jerusalem?
Jerusalemites might not know it yet, but they will soon have their own version of the Fifth Avenue in their hometown. The shopping area is scheduled to open shortly on Mamila Street in the David Village's neighborhood located outside the Old City's walls.
9th May 2007
Chosen plates
Kosher plates
If you have ever forgotten which of your dishes are for meat and which ones are for diary products, Chosen Couture can offer some help. The hip Jewish shopping site is now offering plates with either Meat or Dairy on them.
8th May 2007
Adam Levine
Maroon 5 make history
Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 have made US pop chart history after scoring the biggest jump to number one ever on the Billboard Hot 100. The group’s Makes Me Wonder has shot up the chart from number 64 to number one, beating Kelly Clarkson’s previous jump from 52 to the top spot.
7th May 2007
Kosher conference
Passover mazot for celiac patients, rabbinical supervision via the internet, and second-rate Chinese seafood as kosher shrimps – these are only some of the gastronomic innovations discussed at a four-day-long kosher convention held in Jerusalem.
6th May 2007
Arlene Phillips
Dancers wanted!
Choreographer Arlene Phillips is looking to find the best dancers in Britain for a new BBC1 TV show to be shown in the summer. The founder of the raunchy 1970s and 1980s dance troupe Hot Gossip will be fronting Dance X.
5th May 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Strange folk
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "How is it possible to love all Jews let alone all human beings even if we are all precious in the eyes of God and He loves us all?"
4th May 2007
Charlotte Mendelson
Charlotte Mendelson interview
Having made her mark on the literary world with her first two novels Love In Idleness and Daughters Of Jerusalem, author Charlotte Mendelson is back with her latest effort, When We Were Bad. Caroline Westbrook talks to the 34-year-old author.
3rd May 2007
Jerusalem 40
Jerusalem is one of those rare places that one can explore for weeks without visiting the same place twice. In honour of the 40th anniversary of the city's reunification, here is list of attractions and events that can interest both visitors and residents.
2nd May 2007
Jewish mother's day
With mother's day fast approaching in the United States and Canada, what do you give to the mother who has just about everything? Why not a Rabbi's Daughter hip and happening t-shirt?
1st May 2007
Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom
It has been a while since trance music took over Tel Aviv's clubs, invaded mainstream radio stations, was played at bar mitzvot and featured on MTV. Still, the first image that comes to mind when you ask an Israeli about trance is Infected Mushroom.
30th April 2007
Israel wines in Asia
Israeli wines were featured at a wine tasting event in both South Korea and Japan in March, with one objective: Promoting sales and penetrating Israeli wine into these countries.
29th April 2007
Golden Haggadah
Sacred exhibition
At a time when great religions are in conflict, both with each other and among themselves, it is an act of faith - in more than one sense - for the British Library to highlight what unites three of them in Sacred, a summer exhbition. Find out more.
28th April 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "A principle of all Western religions is ‘Benevolence’, that God cares and is involved in human life, rewards the good and punishes the bad. But most of us just don’t see it working that way."
27th April 2007
Calder tops music list
Record company mogul Clive Calder has emerged as Britain’s only music billionaire according to the annual Sunday Times Rich List. With an estimated £1.3bn, South African-born Calder, 61 founded Zomba, home to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys.
26th April 2007
El Al
El Al's check-in
Hate the lines at the airport's check-in counters? Israel's national airline El Al, announced a "Pre-Flight Service from Home" program.
25th April 2007
Winnie The Jooh
I love Winnie
When it comes to sheer chutzpah, it doesn't get any better or more brilliantly than Shalom Shirts and its Winnie The Jooh offering. Your favourite huggable bear now sports traditional Chasidic gear with a black hat and payis on the side of his head.
24th April 2007
Marc Shaiman
Shaiman wins award
Composer Marc Shaiman has claimed the Henry Mancini Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the music of film and television at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Film and Television Music Awards.
23rd April 2007
Israeli healthy eating
A giant health food and organic supermarket is set to open in June in Israel's Netanya's Poleg commercial area. The store, which will be called Eden Teva Market, was built with a $6 million investment by businessman Guy Provisor.
22nd April 2007
Bon Dylan
Dylan gets second series
Bob Dylan’s stint as a radio DJ has earned the rocker another season as the host of a themed XM Satellite Radio series. The first season of Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour recently concluded with a show dedicated to spring cleaning but a second series will begin in September.
21st April 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes of the Israeli National Anthem: "If we insist on an anthem, let it be one that incorporates all its citizens. It’s not a text that is hallowed by religion or tradition".
20th April 2007
MC Rebbe
MC Rebbe up for award?
Jewish rapper, musician and comic MC Rebbe is up for an award as one of Britain’s best bloggers. The bearded star of small screen and stage has been shortlisted for a Best of Brit Blog Awards.
19th April 2007
Delta Airlines
Delta expands Israel service
Delta Airlines will begin offering daily services between New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport and Tel Aviv in addition to the Tel Aviv-Atlanta flights the company reinstated last year.
18th April 2007
Yiddish t-shirt
Wear Yiddish
Another Wednesday shopping story and another Jewish t-shirt to go out and buy. This time it's The Yiddish Guide to the Perfect Word.
17th April 2007
Yad Vashem freestyle
Teenagers opt to spend Holocaust Memorial Day watching DVDs? Hip-hop artist Subliminal and Grammy award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari think they have a solution.
16th April 2007
Israel's number 1
Dairy company Tnuva's milk in a carton with a twist-on cap is Israel’s leading food product, outselling the top twenty most popular food products in the country.
15th April 2007
Samantha Freedman
Miss Jewish World?
A Jewish student studying for her A Levels could become the next Miss England and represent her country at the annual Miss World competition. Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue member Samantha Freedman will compete next month in a local heat.
14th April 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Am I a believer?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Declaring a belief in God does keep ones mind and senses open to more possibilities than if it is shut out completely. It leaves the door open. And this is where mysticism comes in useful."
13th April 2007
Joanna Angel
Angel up for porn award
Kosher porn queen Joanna Angel, actor/director Seymore Butts and former Saved By The Bell Star Dustin Diamond have made it to the shortlist for this years F.A.M.E Awards.
12th April 2007
Israeli teepees
Sleep in the outdoors in a teepee. You don't need to go to America to do this, you can go to Israel and visit The Indian Village, situated in the Golan.
11th April 2007
Ben & Jerry's
Free Ben & Jerry's
Nice Jewish boys Ben and Jerry who founded their own namesake ice cream company have a special post Passover treat - free ice cream. On Tuesday April 17 from 1pm to 5pm, Ben & Jerry's will celebrate their 29th annual free cone day.
10th April 2007
Max Pashm
Max Pashm review
Weddings, Barmitzvahs and Funerals, by Brighton based musician Max Pashm, was originally released in 1997 – but it still sounds good 10 years on. SJ's Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict,
9th April 2007
Matzo balls
Old school matzo balls
Can't cook like your mother, but still want to offer the matzo balls just like mamma used to make? Well, you can always fake it by buying a glass jar of Manischewitz Matzo Balls in Broth.
8th April 2007
Scarlett Johansson
Brits love Johansson
Sexy Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has topped a poll of women who most men want to marry according to British Esquire magazine. The Lost In Translation actress was number one for going under a chupah with.
7th April 2007
Jeremy Rosen
Does prison work?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Sometimes even if a solution is inadequate, it may still be better than the alternative. If prison, awful as it is, does in fact keep violent criminals off our streets then it is doing a valuable job."
6th April 2007
Ask Elizabeth
Berkley becomes agony aunt to kids
Former Save By The Bell star Elizabeth Berkley has become a successful New York agony aunt who visits schools to help girls 11-18 deal with adolescent problems.
5th April 2007
Take The Jerusalem Trail
This Passover try taking a magical trail between nature sites hidden in an urban landscape - “The Jerusalem Trail” and the “Emek Tzurim” National Park. It is especially fitting for these spring days when Jerusalem is green and blooming with an abundance of beautiful spots.
4th April 2007
Got Matzo
Passover tease
Well, just when you thought you've seen every Jewish tee you can think of, comes a Passover inspired one. As the average Jew is likely to go through two pounds of matzoh, then it's pretty apt to find "Got Matzo, Need Prunes".
3rd April 2007
Sefira Review
Hasidic rapper Y-Love has teamed up with human beatbox star Yuri Lane on Sefira (Count It), an entirely acapella album for the Omer. SJ's Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict.
2nd April 2007
Pepsi Max
Get the Max for Passover
Pepsi Max has been making an appearance in kosher supermarkets for drinking over the Passover festival. So what is the can like? Is it a good alternative to Coke?
1st April 2007
Sign Four Questions
Passover signing
As we prepare for Passover, one question stands out which everyone wants to know the answer to. Why is this night different from all other nights? Well, if you want to really make it different, then sign it.
31st March 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I find it difficult to read Biblical texts that seem to condone slavery. There were Jewish slaves who served limited terms, usually to pay off debts, but remained citizens bound by all Jewish Laws."
30th March 2007
Gerry Bron
Gerry Bron interview
Record producer Gerry Bron has launched the careers of some of the biggest rock acts of the 70s and 80s through his label Bronze Records. Caroline Westbrook talks to Bron about his work and his Jewish roots.
29th March 2007
This year in Jerusalem
The number of Brits travelling to Israel over Passover has jumped on previous years. Around 6,000 people have decided to travel to the Middle East compared to 4,000 last year.
28th March 2007
Apples To Apples Yiddish
Yiddish Apples
How many modern board games can you name that are in Yiddish? Probably none, but ever popular mind game Apples To Apples has been translated into Yiddish for those who want to play in old school Jew talk.
27th March 2007
Y-Love and Yuri Lane
Accapella Jewish delights
During the period following Passover, Jews count the days and weeks of the Omer and during this time, many Jews will refrain from playing or performing music with instruments but perform with just their voices. Find out about Sefira.
26th March 2007
Martha Stewart
Martha goes kosher
Jewish cooking is not just for Jews as homemaker extraordinaire Martha Stewart is getting into the Passover spirit by offering a huge choice of recipes to make.
25th March 2007
Tamar Yellin
Yorkshire writer wins $100k
A British woman from Yorkshire has scooped $100,000 by becoming the first winner of an international Jewish book award. Tamar Yellin won the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish literature for her book The Genizah at the House of Shepher.
24th March 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Sick visiting
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "From my experience I have to say that simple as it sounds, being kind is one of the hardest challenges we humans face." Find out more.
23rd March 2007
Nina Salaman exhibition
Remembering Salaman
To mark the 130th birthday of noted Jewish women’s campaigner and educationalist Nina Salaman, the Jewish Museum in Camden, north west London has added a portrait of the legendary woman painted by Solomon J Solomon.
22nd March 2007
Selling model Israel
The Israeli Consulate in New York has come up with an ingenious idea to promote tourism to Israel in the United States: officials there have managed to twist the arms of the most popular US men's magazine, Maxim, to write a feature about stunning Israeli models.
21st March 2007
Chewbacca the Jew
Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not doesn't matter, what does matter is getting the joke and statement that a Jewbacca t-shirt has to offer. The t-shirt comes in one colour - gold yellow with the Jewbacca image in brown.
20th March 2007
Regina Spektor
Spek's appeal
One of America's best-kept Jewish secrets, Regina Spektor has been wowing fans in London over the past few weeks. The Russian songstress, who left Eastern Europe in 1989 for New York, even performed a showcase last month at West London Synagogue in central London.
18th March 2007
Sir Philip Green
Sir Philip's mega party
Retail tycoon Sir Philip Green has hosted a lavish party to mark his 55th birthday in the Maldives. According to media reports, it cost the Top Shop and BHs owner anything from £6m to £20m to host and saw upwards of 200 of his pals jetting in to the Indian ocean island.
17th March 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Who loves us?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "So the BBC World Service took a poll and discovered that more people think Israel is a danger to the world than any other place! Forgive me for an ironic laugh!"
16th March 2007
Scenes of A Sexual Nature
Ed Blum interview
With an all-star cast that includes the likes of Jewish actress Sophie Okonedo and Ewan McGregor, Scenes Of A Sexual Nature is the first feature film from Jewish director Ed Blum. As the film is released on DVD, Caroline Westbrook talks to Blum.
15th March 2007
Appeal for Masada
Masada and other ancient fortresses may collapse if additional funds are not allocated toward their preservation, experts say. Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, is located in an area that is prone to earthquakes, which experts say may destroy the site entirely.
14th March 2007
Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein Brothers back in fashion
Hollywood producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are branching out into fashion after acquiring top style label Halston. The fashion house is best known for dressing the international jet set during the 1960s and 1970s.
13th March 2007
Jerry Springer
Springer opera in Vegas
A quirky opera based on Jerry Springer’s rough-and-ready TV talk show will make its debut in America this month after securing a run in Las Vegas.
11th March 2007
Jonathan Shalit
Shalit set for X-Factor
The former manager of Charlotte Church is one name being linked to a vacant judging position on music talent show X-Factor. Jonathan Shalit has been suggested as a replacement for previous judge Louis Walsh.
10th March 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Looking back
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "It’s part of our tradition to remember, our forefathers, our history, and our enemies."
9th March 2007
Borat on DVD
Borat DVD review
It was one of the most talked about cinema releases of 2006, and even got Oscar nominations, as well as winning a Golden Globe for its star, Sacha Baron Cohen. Caroline Westbrook takes a look at Borat on DVD and the extras on offer.
8th March 2007
MSC Opera
Passover on the sea
Can’t face the thought of being at home for Passover or indeed even on dry land for the Exodus season? Then there’s still time to go on the high seas and celebrate Passover on a kosher cruise.
7th March 2007
I Love Hashem
Just loving it
Looking for what is likely to the ultimate in Jewish t-shirts and one that can unite all Jews across the religious spectrum, then the I Love Hashem (based on the classic I Love New York) is for you.
6th March 2007
Beastie Boys
Beastie's only UK gig
Jewish rap trio The Beastie Boys will be the main attraction at this summer’s Bestival music weekend on the Isle Of Wight. The festival, which takes place from September 7-9, will mark the New Yorkers’ only live performance in the UK this year.
5th March 2007
Tasty home cooking
A company based in London is offering real Sephardi style food that can be bought at many kosher retailers across town. Taste Of Back Home makes authentic delights that Sephardis would have eaten in India as well as Iran and Iraq.
4th March 2007
Gene Simmons
Get flesh to flesh with Simmons
Kiss rocker Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed are kicking off the second season of their reality show by having their face lifts filmed. The half-hour reality series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, features the couple, along with their two teenagers.
3rd March 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Poor him
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "The story of Purim is said to have happened some 2,500 years ago in the Persian Empire. Historians will argue as to whether the story of Mordechai and Esther is historically accurate."
2nd March 2007
Shulamit Izen
Coming out on screen
A Jewish documentary about a gay Jewish student’s fight for acceptance at her high school is to receive its UK premiere at London’s Gay And Lesbian Film Festival.
1st March 2007
Eat and drink Golan
Hot soups, wintry stews, fine steaks, sinie and chocolate liqueur. Everything is home made and everything is in the Golan.
28th February 2007
Wear it SuperJew
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird?... Is it a plane? Nah, it's SuperJew. Well, that's what people might start to say if they see you strolling around with a SuperJew tee.
27th February 2007
Israel pushes button for Eurovision
Israel's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest has been chosen. The tongue-in-cheek rap band Teapacks will represent the country in Helsinki with the track Push The Button.
25th February 2007
Rachel Stevens
Stevens for Eurovision?
Former S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens is emerging as one of the favourites to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.
24th February 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Women, its time to fight!
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "The suffragettes fought for the vote. They got it. Now I believe Jewish women must fight to the point of disobedience for fair and equal halachic treatment."
23rd February 2007
Damien Hirst art
Art auction for Israel
Works of art donated by leading artists including Damien Hirst are to go on auction to benefit British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel. The 90 pieces also include a portrait sitting with legendary photographer David Bailey.
22nd February 2007
Nightmare Eilat
Nightmare in Eilat
Nightmare, Eilat's horror labyrinth, is one of world's most terrifying tourist attractions (yes, scarier than a roller coaster ride), and we have been around.
21st February 2007
Good Luck Bracelet
Wearing good luck
The beads may look like the balls you see on a pool table, but Chosen Couture's Good Luck Bracelet should help give you the edge when it comes to looking good.
20th February 2007
The Solomon Sisters
Klez sisters in New York
London-based Klezmer/Cabaret duo, The Solomon Sisters are to make their New York debut by performing at Makor with a backing group featuring some of the finest Klez performers around.
19th February 2007
Yarden shawarma
Shawarma aleichem
If you want to sample one of Israel's most popular dishes, shawarma, you don't need to go to an Israeli restaurant, you can make it at home courtesy of Yarden.
18th February 2007
Rabbi costume
Dress up like a rabbi
With just a few weeks to go before the annual festival of Purim, it's now the ideal time to sort out what you are going to wear. So how about coming to shul dressed up as a rabbi?
17th February 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Not in my name!
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "This month so many disparate groups and individuals have been claiming to speak for Jews or for those Jews who believe their voices are not heard. Can anyone speak for the Jews?"
16th February 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winning Winehouse
North London jazz songstress Amy Winehouse has taken one of the top prizes at the prestigious Brit Awards. The 23-year-old, who has rarely been out of the spotlight over the past six months with her much-publicised drinking binges won Best British Female.
15th February 2007
Go Galilee
Some 160 enthusiastic members of the global tourism industry took over the Galilee's tourist attractions recently, as part of project "Go Galilee," aimed at exposing tour operators from across the world to Israel's beautiful north.
14th February 2007
Shalom Kitty
Tees for toddlers
Why should it just be adults who have all the fun with Jewish themed t-shirts. The good folks at Ohiso are offering a rather delightful play on Japanese Hello Kitty which they are calling Shalom Kitty and aimed at babies and toddlers.
13th February 2007
Ari Ben Moses
Introducing Ari
One of the most musically diverse bands to come out of the US in a while, the Ari Ben Moses Band blend a variety of styles – including reggae, funk Latin and Middle Eastern. Find out more about frontman Ari Ben Moses.
11th February 2007
Susan Winemaker
Dominating Winemaker
Having left her native Canada for London, Susan Winemaker started off as a chef but ended up becoming Mistress Anna, a dominatrix with a salary said to exceed a six figures. In a new book, Winemaker reveals what made her become a dominatrix.
10th February 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
In praise of my mother
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "In a piece I wrote several weeks ago, I mentioned my mother. And one of my readers wrote to me that this was the first time I had. I write often about my father but not about my mother." Find out more.
9th February 2007
Fiddler On The Roof
Fiddler on the Depot
North London’s Arts Depot is to play host to a new production of classic Jewish musical Fiddler On The Roof next month.
7th February 2007
Manischewitz tee
Keeping it kosher
From wine to matzo and from cakes to soup, Manischewitz has it all and now Manischewitz fans can show how much they enjoy the foods company by wearing a Mani t-shirt.
6th February 2007
The Men with Beards
Thanks to Matisyahu successfully breaking out from the Jewish musical ghetto and moving into the mainstream, there's never been a better time to be frum and to rock (or rap, or play reggae or just do anything with music). And now coming from Brooklyn are Ta-Shma.
4th February 2007
Patrick Marber
Marber eyes Oscars
Writer Patrick Marber has said he is looking forward to the forthcoming Oscars ceremony in Hollywood. Marber has received a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for Notes On A Scandal.
3rd February 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Holocaust days
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I have not been in favour of Holocaust Days any more than I am of making Holocaust denial a crime. Indeed there are too many conflicting Jewish Holocaust memorial days of one kind or another and sometimes less is more."
2nd February 2007
Robert Lenkiewicz
Lenkiewicz work on display
An exhibition featuring the work of painter Robert Lenkiewicz is opening at London’s Halcyon Gallery this month. Lenkiewicz died in August 2002 aged 60 of heart problems, and the exhibition will mark the fifth anniversary of his death.
1st February 2007
Veggie village in Israel
Veggie village in Israel
Here’s a reason to celebrate: Fifty years of eating lettuce and other vegetables at Amirim, the vegetarian and vegan village in the east of the Upper Galilee.
31st January 2007
Star of David necklace
Real Jew-ellery
When it comes to Jewish bling, you really want to make your Jew-ellery shine out and offer a statement. So why just bother with getting one Star of David necklace, when you can get several Star Of David’s on the same necklace.
30th January 2007
Jory Steinberg
Steinberg off to Hollywood
American Idol hopeful Jory Steinberg has made it through to the next round of the top talent show. 25-year-old Jory, who auditioned in New York, impressed Simon Cowell with her rendition of the Tina Arena song Chains.
29th January 2007
Dried fruit
Rise in dried fruit
The holiday of Tu B'Shvat brings sales of dried fruits in Israel to approximately $47 million, according to the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.
28th January 2007
Patrick Marber
Marber Oscar Muses
Screenwriter Patrick Marber says he would have preferred having advance notice of his Oscar nomination. Marber, shortlisted for Best Adaptated Screenplay for Notes On A Scandal say he is not as spontaneous as he would like to be.
27th January 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Jewish mothers
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Jewish mothers tend to get a bad press. It’s not just Philip Roth and Portnoy’s Complaint. It’s a much wider issue. In Western literature, the Jewish Mother has become an object of scorn, even worse than the dreaded Mother in Law."
26th January 2007
Paper Clips
Paper Clips on DVD
The Holocaust has always been a popular subject with filmmakers, and over the past few years it's inspired plenty of documentaries – the latest of which is Paper Clips. Caroline Westbrook reviews the DVD release which is out now.
25th January 2007
El Al
El Al's new lounge
El Al's business passengers witnessed the inauguration of the new King David business lounge at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last week, where officials took advantage of the opportunity to present the airline's plans for the coming years.
24th January 2007
Sweet J Girl
Hey J Boy, Hey J Girl
Those nice folks over at Rotem Gear are expanding their range of Jewish flavoured merchandise all the time and their latest is J Girl and J Boy t-shirts.
23rd January 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse number 1
Songstress Amy Winehouse has topped the album charts for the second week with her recent release Back To Black.
21st January 2007
Gene Simmons
Family guy Simmons
Rock legend Gene Simmons is following in the footsteps of The Osbournes with his own reality TV show, Family Jewels. Having already been a hit in the US, the 58-year-old Kiss frontman born Chaim Witz, is hoping the show, on satellite channel Biography, will appeal to the Brits.
20th January 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Freedom writers
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I love idealists, even the crazy ones, just so long as they don’t harm other people and that’s getting rarer nowadays. I’ve spent most of my life struggling for my ideals and dreams."
19th January 2007
Laurence Olivier Awards
Jewish Olivier awards
Jewish theatre talent has been shortlisted at this year’s prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards. Tom Stoppard’s Rock 'n' Roll, about Communist Prague, is leading the way with nominations in a number of categories.
18th January 2007
StartUp Jerusalem
“To raise Jerusalem up from poverty” is the goal that Nir Barkat, an active member of the city council and a serial entrepreneur, has set for himself. Barkat’s decision to devote himself to his hometown led him to found non-profit organization StartUp Jerusalem in 2004.
17th January 2007
Hasid Double-Dutch
Jews Do the Double-Dutch
Cult artist David Choe has moved into the Jewish arena with a Hasid Double-Dutch t-shirt designed for New York-based Jewcy. The Jewcy shirt takes the Double Dutch theme which was immortalised by Malcolm McLaren in the song of the same name.
16th January 2007
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse leads The Brits
Boozy songstress Amy Winehouse has been shortlisted for two categories in the prestigious Brits. The 23-year-old North Londoner is a favourite to win Best Album for her critically acclaimed Back To Black, as well as British Female Solo Artist.
15th January 2007
Glucodan tea
Healthy tea
An Israeli company plans to introduce Glucodan, a herbal tea to the UK this year which it claims can substantially reduce the blood sugar levels of diabetics.
14th January 2007
Paula Abdul
Abdul making movies
American Idol judge Paula Abdul is moving into feature films and will star in and produce a movie based on the popular Bratz line of fashion dolls. Abdul will play a major character in the live action film and will serve as executive producer.
13th January 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Thank goodness for Bar Ilan
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "it is important to show that Orthodoxy is not monolithic or monochromatic. And it this tradition that Bar Ilan represents." Find out more.
12th January 2007
Spiro Ark
Spiro's delights
London's Spiro Ark is kick starting 2007 with a feast of cultural delights from the middle of January. Among the highlights is a performance of Kotzo shel Yud a 19th century poem dealing with the issues of women who seek divorce from their husband.
10th January 2007
Moses action figure
All action Moses
When it comes to Jewish history, Moses has always been one of the most important aspects of it, whether it was receiving the Torah or just splitting the Red Sea, Moses is a major player and mover and shaker. And now there's a Moses action figure.
9th January 2007
Eli-sete for success
Watch out for Elisete in 2007. Born in Brazil, Elisete left for Israel in 1991 and since then has established herself as one of Israel's brightest stars off the club scene.
8th January 2007
Tivall expanding
2007 will mark the big 21 for Israeli veggie food company Tivall and never has its business been stronger. From Sainsbury's own brand hot dogs to Asda chicken style pieces, Tivall is making a major push into offering own branded products.
7th January 2007
George Michael
Jewish George Michael
Is George Michael Jewish? Surely, it was his Wham bandmate Andrew Ridgley who was the Jewish guy? For nearly 20 years this debate has gone on in the Jewish community, but no one has ever managed to ask the question that was on everyone’s lips.
6th January 2007
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I confess I went to see the film ‘Apocalypto.’ Why? The Talmud is rather keen on knowing what it is that one wishes to combat and even more keen on knowing how to answer one's critics."
5th January 2007
Jewish music radio
A weekly look at the world of Jewish music is to start broadcasting every Sunday on London's arts radio station Resonance101.4fm. The SomethingJewish Show is an eclectic mix of Jewish music from around the world.
3rd January 2007
Jew talkin to me?
Jew talkin to me?
It never ceases to amaze us at the variety and choice of Jewish flavoured tees you can find online. And so for our first pick of 2007, comes Jew talkin to me?
2nd January 2007
Michelle Citrin
Falling for Citrin
Watch out for big things from our most favourite short Jewish folk-rocker Michelle Citrin. She may be only five feet, but this 25-year-old gal can blast out pretty nifty tunes like If I Fall which is three minutes of sheer musical brilliance.
1st January 2007
Kosher shrimp
Kosher shrimp delight
At first glance, you might wonder why "shrimp" might be sold in Jewish grocery stores, but upon further inspection you soon discover that Jacob Le Pecheur "shrimp" is actually kosher fish that is shaped into shrimp and aims to taste like it as well.
31st December 2006
Honours emblem
Jews get honours
A number of British Jews in arts, politics and business have been recognised for their achievements and contribution to society in this year's New Year Honours.
30th December 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Get out of Iraq
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I say to Blair and Bush, you went in and removed the most odious of dictators and his pathological sons. You tried your best to give the Iraqis a chance to run their own affairs. It didn’t work. Get out!"
29th December 2006
Debbie Chazen
Debbie Chazen interview
If you've watched BBC Three's sketch show Tittybangbang, you'll have come across Debbie Chazen, who's one of the stars. SJ's Caroline Westbrook caught up with the 35-year-old for a chat about the show and her Jewish background.
27th December 2006
Yiddish Gift Shop
Flash your Hebrew wear
A week doesn't seem to go by without discovering a new entrant offering a Jewish flavoured t-shirt or some other form of Jewish pop culture being sold online. Newest entrant is Yiddish Gift Shop.
26th December 2006
Golem Get Their Kit Off
Klezmer punk band Golem have shown what they are made of by wearing some gatkes produced by San Fran-based Jewish Fashion Conspiracy. The band were in the Golden Gate Bridge city performing at Vodka Latka.
25th December 2006
The Burger Bar
Tasty kosher burger
London has seen an explosion in recent years of gourmet burger restaurants but until recently none of them were kosher. Now, with the addition of The Burger Bar, Jewish Londoners can get a tasty burger that's as good as any non-kosher around.
24th December 2006
Daniel Radcliffe
Harry is a Jewish Wiz
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is a trainee Jewish wizard. The 17-year-old told Australian TV channel Nine that while he has a Jewish connection, he does not follow a religion.
23rd December 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
The Beringen Mijn 'Pogrom'
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes of an incident where a group of Chassidic teens were attacked in Belgium by Muslims: "It is a common refrain now throughout Belgium that instructions from On High are to protect Muslims rather than Jews."
22nd December 2006
Prague ARK
ARK art in Prague
In time for Chanukah, Prague played host to a massive projection celebrating the Festival of Lights. As part of ARK, a four month installment, Canadian artist Melissa Shiff has been exhibiting her work which marks 100 years of the city's Jewish Museum.
21st December 2006
Jerusalem tours
If the freezing cold of a Jerusalem night doesn't scare you why not take a sweater and join a tour in the footsteps of the capital's Hanukkah menorahs?
20th December 2006
Debbie Chazen in character
Tittybangbang review
Jewish performer Debbie Chazen has made a name for herself in the past year with the female-dominated sketch show Tittybangbang on BBC Three. Caroline Westbrook checks out series one, which has just been released on DVD and makes an ideal gift.
19th December 2006
Bevis Marks 350
Final 350 events
The final event of the year long celebrations to mark the 350th Anniversary of Jews being readmitted to England saw a sell out crowd of 500 people attend Bevis Marks Synagogue in the City of London for a night music, drama and poetry.
18th December 2006
Chicken and latkes
Chicken delight
North West London's Kosher Deli has been well established as the home of reasonably priced fresh meats, cold cuts and other prepared food. Over recent years, one of its most famous additions to its range of products on offer is fresh rotisserie chicken.
17th December 2006
London JCC
Community centre gets HQ
Plans for a dedicated Jewish Community Centre in London have moved forward with the purchase of a site in north west London as well as announcing a shortlist of architects who are bidding to become designers of the purpose built facility.
16th December 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Reformative Judaism
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I often attack the inconsistencies and abuses of Orthodox Judaism. But I must say, sometimes our problems do seem to pale into insignificance compared to those of other denominations!"
15th December 2006
Sacha Baron Cohen
Borat goes for gold
Having already snapped up a bunch of critics awards for the smash hit comedy Borat, funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen is now tipped to win at the Golden Globes. Baron Cohen has been shortlisted for Best Actor – for playing the Kazakhstan TV reporter.
14th December 2006
Coffee in Israel
Coffee has also been popular in Israel with the first coffee shop in Jerusalem dating back to the 16th century. Find out more about the best places in Israel to buy a cup.
13th December 2006
A Dreidel for baby
Spinning around
What do you give the Jewish baby who has everything? Well, as it is now around Chanukah time, then the rather fabulous “My First Dreidel” is something for them.
12th December 2006
Sephardic Music Festival
Sephardis Get Funky
This Chanukah, New Yorkers will get the chance to celebrate everything that makes Sephardi culture fresh and happening. The Annual Sephardic Music Festival features a breathtaking array of diverse Sephardic-flavoured sounds.
11th December 2006
Carmelli bagel
A better bagel bite
For more nearly two decades, Carmelli in Golders Green has been serving baked goods to Jewish Londoners. Its flavoured bagels have emerged as some of the biggest and best you can buy in the capital.
10th December 2006
Smooth-E aka Eric Schwartz
Celebrate The Dreidel
A few years back Smooth-E aka Eric Schwartz gave us a Chanukah version of the Outkast class Hey Ya! and called it Hanukkah Hey Ya! which featured the very Jewtastic line of Oy is Yo Backwards. And now, he's back with Chocolate Coins.
9th December 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
When is kosher, kosher?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Sadly, the kosher industry is too open to abuse. It is possible to circumvent the strictest of supervision in the dead of night." Find out more and other kosher issues of concern.
8th December 2006
Roman Polanski
Award for Polanski
Legendary film director Roman Polanski has collected a Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual European Film Awards.
7th December 2006
King David Hotel
King David at 75
Food came daily by train from Cairo, the waiters came from Sudan, Irgun members blew it up, and a peace contract was signed on its library table. King David Hotel marks its 75th anniversary.
6th December 2006
Sport dreidel
In with a sporting chance
If you like sport and enjoy the festival of Chanukah, then why not combine the two together with a dreidel that features Hebrew characters that are part of a sporting theme image. The four sporting themes are soccer, baseball, football and basketball.
5th December 2006
Good For The Jews
Something good for the Jews?
A new Jewish partnership of Rob Tannenbaum and David Fagin are hoping to deliver something entertaining for Jews. As Good For The Jews the duo are set to play a series of gigs this month including one featuring Lisa Loeb.
4th December 2006
Hebrew Beer
Chanukah brew
With just a two weeks to go before Chanukah arrives, Hebrew Beer from Shmaltz Brewing Company has announced its latest beer to not just coincide with its own 10th anniversary, but also to make it in time for Jews to drink over the festival of lights.
3rd December 2006
Abi Finley
Abi set for fame
New Jewish acting talent Abi Finley has been getting rave reviews for her performance in Sir Time Rice’s update on his 1980s medieval rock opera Blondel and will also be seeing in the New Year as part of a UK tour of Fame the musical.
2nd December 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Great Leaders?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Those of us who criticize Ultra Orthodoxy do not want to see it overthrown for we feel ourselves to be part of it in most ways. But we do want to see it open up to ideas and debate."
1st December 2006
Jordan Chaviv
Frummer gets funky
With a hoodie and baseball cap, Jordan Chaviv looks like any other 20-something guy trying to make it in the music scene, but look at bit closer and he’s also sporting a yarmulke as well as some tzitzit.
30th November 2006
Travel for Frummers
Touring for frummers
Glatt kosher vacations, prayers and mikvahs around the world. Everything you wanted to know about organised tours for the religious sector.
29th November 2006
Chav yarmulkes
Fashion headwear
What do you give to a Jewish chav for Chanukah? How about a Burberry inspired Yarmulke? From kitsch Jewish shopping site Chosen Couture is a Yarmulke that features a Burberry inspired design.
28th November 2006
Barbra Streisand
Streisand breaks all records
Barbra Streisand is back in the record books after setting new theatre bests at 14 of the 16 venues she played during her recent North American tour. The Yentl singer’s 20 shows, which wrapped up in Los Angeles last week grossed a staggering $92.5 million.
27th November 2006
McCain chips
Jews have their chips
Strictly kosher chip lovers will soon be able to have their McCain chips with any meal they make at home. The chip giant has received kosher certification from the Sephardi Kashrut Authority for a number of products.
26th November 2006
Something Not Schlocky
Fed up with giving or even receiving Judaica that sat best can be described as tacky or at worst as something you wouldn't want to give to your worse enemy, Not Schlock has come to the rescue in offering a range of Judaica items.
25th November 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Gay Israel
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I am happy that the Supreme Court allowed civil, gay, marriages rights in a democratic society. I am sad they could not show understanding of those who saw a gay Parade in Jerusalem as an unnecessary provocation."
24th November 2006
Katie Price and Peter Andre
Price is right
Jewish children and families charity Norwood is to be one of five charities to benefit from an album of duets recorded by former glam model Katie Price and her Aussie pop singer husband Peter Andre.
23rd November 2006
Tel Aviv
Holy Tel Aviv tours
No bars, clubs, or scantily-clad women. Tel Aviv’s religious council takes you on a tour of the city’s holy places, which are not as rare as you’d think. If you don’t try it, how will you know?
22nd November 2006
Cowardly Lion
Oz costume for sale
The Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard Of Oz worn by Bert Lahr is set to be auctioned next month and is set to go for as much as $600,000. Lahr, born Irving Lahrheim in 1895, was a successful vaudeville actor before getting the coveted role in the MGM classic film.
21st November 2006
Craig Taubman
Shabbat Shalom for Taubman
For many years now, Jewish musician Craig Taubman has been on a drive to get more Jewish music out, from his own material through to compilation albums featuring other artists, Taubman has been one of the most widely recorded musicians around.
20th November 2006
Yarden Shishklick
Chicken shishlick's good...
When to it comes to chicken nobody seems to know it better or have a bigger range of prepared chicken products than Yarden. And one of its more popular already cooked products frozen is shishlick.
19th November 2006
Mel Brooks and Alan Yentob
Brooks raises £75,000
Comic legend Mel Brooks has helped Leukaemia Research to raise £75,000 by being the guest in a one-off event at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End.
18th November 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Agunah again
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I do care very much that our religion can consign women who cannot remarry to limbo while perfectly legal halachic devices for freeing them are not used. I find all of this a stain on halachic Judaism."
17th November 2006
Grimsby Shul window
English Jewish Heritage
A guidebook offering a comprehensive look at Jewish heritage across England has just been published by English Heritage. Jewish Heritage in England is a full colour book showcasing over 300 Jewish buildings and landmarks.
16th November 2006
Cruise Ship
Cruising to Israel
Two major cruise lines have decided to renew services to Israel that were suspended during the height of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Holland America is expected to resume its services in April of next year.
15th November 2006
Miriam Gali Girl
Girls will be girls
If you are looking for wholesome Jewish doll and Barbie is too much of a Jewish American Princess, then the Gali Girls offer a modest and respectable doll to give to any Jewish girl or indeed, Jew who wants something kitsch for their home.
14th November 2006
Shabbaton Choir
Malovany and Shabbaton unite
Dan Levy goes to the New West End Synagogue to discover Cantor Joseph Malovany and the legendary Shabbaton choir reuniting for the first time in 20 years at a gala concert on Motzei Shabbat. Find out what he thought of the night.
13th November 2006
Yarden chicken legs
Yarden is big leggy
Like chicken leg but don't want the hassle of getting them raw, coating them and then roasting the pieces? Well, Israeli chicken experts Yarden offers one of the easiest ways to enjoy chicken legs.
12th November 2006
My Brother's Keeper
Last Jews of Kabul
A black comedy about the last two Jews of Kabul which made its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer is coming to London. My Brother’s Keeper, by Michael J. Flexer looks at the bitter exchange between the two Jews.
11th November 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
She's not my wife
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "I am a fundamentalist in that I regard the text as a holy text and relate to it more spiritually than rationally. That is my choice. But I do not deny that there are other ways of looking at the text."
10th November 2006
For Your Consideration
For Your Consideration
Having made fun of everything from rock musicians in This Is Spinal Tap, to dog owners in Best In Show, director Christopher Guest has turned his attentions to the film industry and this time, there's a major Jewish theme.
9th November 2006
Elephants in Israel
Soon Israelis will no longer be required to fly to Thailand to ride an elephant. This rare experience will soon become available in a unique Israeli park set to be founded in the Western Negev.
8th November 2006
Your mother would approve
What do you get the Jewish mother who has everything? How about a nice piece of jewellery with the word Mamaleh in it. Yes, everyone's mother is a darling and here's a way to celebrate it by letting everyone know she is.
7th November 2006
Solomon Sisters
Sisters on stage
Promising an evening of traditional Yiddish song, klezmer and a touch of their own original material, London’s Solomon Sisters are set to bring the house down at the New Spiro Ark Centre.
6th November 2006
Kosher food show
Kosher food show
Following on from last year's inaugural World Food Market which featured a kosher food exhibition, organisers are hoping to repeat the success this year when the show takes place on November 29 and November 30 at the Excel Centre in east London.
5th November 2006
Alexandra Rosenfeld
Jewish queen of Europe
A Jewish beauty queen representing France has been crowned Miss Europe. Alexandra Rosenfeld, 19 who won Miss France last year scooped the additional crown at a gala ceremony in the Ukrainian capital Kiev beating 33 other contestants.
4th November 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "We need to acknowledge that, for all its achievements, Israel is a sick society. What depresses me even more is that so much of religious life is just as corrupt, financially, politically and, indeed, sexually."
3rd November 2006
Sixty Six
Sixty Six review
The latest Jewish Britcom on the block, Sixty Six tells the story of a Barmitzvah boy whose big day clashes with the 1966 World Cup final. SJ's Caroline Westbrook finds that you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy it.
2nd November 2006
Zurich street
Jewish Zurich
Planning a trip to Zurich in Switzerland and want to connect with some of its Jewish places and flavours, then here's an essential list of where to eat, drink and go to shul.
1st November 2006
Chosen Chanukah
Chosen Chanukah
With just weeks to go before Chanukah starts, Daily Jews favourite Jewish shopping experience Chosen Couture have put together their Chanukah store in time for the lighting of the fist candle on December 15.
31st October 2006
Borsht to Blighty
Jewish music all-dayer
As 2006 comes to a close, so does the 350th anniversary of Jews being readmitted back to England and to end the celebrations a Jewish music all-day event is taking place on November 26 which sees 350 artists taking part.
30th October 2006
Get pumpernickled
One of the biggest complaints New Yorkers have when they arrive in London is the lack of a decent bagel and limited choice of what there is. One of the better bagels you can get is from the Hendon Bagel Bakery who offer the exotic pumpernickel.
29th October 2006
Kenny Ellis
Swinging Chanukah
Who would have ever thought you could make Chanukah tunes with swing? Well, that's exactly what Kenny Ellis has done with his Hanukkah Swings! release. The CD offers 10 tracks including Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov, Ocho Kandelikas and Swingin' Dreidel.
28th October 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Who dunnit?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "This time of the year when the Torah readings are all about creation and the early years of mankind, I always wonder about this world of ours."
27th October 2006
Babs blooper remixed
She is best known for her love ballads such as Woman In Love and themes from movies such as Hello Dolly, but now Barbra Streisand is set to conquer the dance charts with a song that samples an x-rated expletive outburst she made.
26th October 2006
Japan in Israel
Japanese culture has long fascinated Israelis; however a trip to The Land of the Rising Sun is somewhat costly. The solution, therefore, lies in a true Japanese experience closer to home.
25th October 2006
Matzo yarmulke
Be a matzo man
Fed up with just having a plain and simple head covering that comes in black or even blue, well how about wearing a yarmulke that has a design based on a matzo?
24th October 2006
Wanna see Barbra?
Want to see the ultimate female Jewish entertainer in action and got a few thousand dollars to spare? Well, the Violence Policy Center has a handful of tickets to Barbra Streisand at Staples Centre in Los Angeles.
23rd October 2006
Prepared pomegranate
Hassle free pomegranate
One of the nicest fruits is the pomegranate, but a major downside is that it can be quite a messy fruit to remove its juicy seeds. But now making a mess eating fresh pomegranate is a thing of the past thanks to prepared Israeli pomegranate.
22nd October 2006
Not Chosen, Just Posin'
Faking it
What do you give to someone who is not Jewish but wants to identify with being one of the members of the tribe? How about a t-shirt from new blog, Fake Jew?
21st October 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Double Talk
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Over the past few weeks British officials and politicians have repeatedly sent out mixed messages on minority issues, precisely because they spoke before they thought."
20th October 2006
New Jewish Cooking
New Jewish Cooking
The last decade has seen an explosion in the growth of kosher eating in London and now a Jewish cooking book from the chef of Bevis Marks The Restaurant is essenetial reading for anyone who wishes to cook kosher fusion style.
19th October 2006
New campaign for Israel
A new Israeli Tourism Ministry campaign has been launched with a NIS 150 million (£19 million) budget to encourage incoming tourism. The campaigns are specially-tailored for each specific market and specifically target Jews and Christians.
18th October 2006
Shopping for heritage
New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage is not just a fantastic place to visit and immerse yourself in Jewish history and culture, but it's also a rather good place to visit online if you are looking to buy some quality Jewish themed gifts.
17th October 2006
Eve Sicular
Sicular culture
Looking to get into some Jewish music, then why not let Eve Sicular be your guide. With an interest in two bands, Metropolitan Klezmer and Isle of Klezbos, Sicular is one of the Jewish world's leading exponents of Jewish music and Yiddish culture.
16th October 2006
Smoked salmon
Tasty kosher smoked salmon
If there is one food that is synonymous with being Jewish, it is of course smoked salmon. Now, tinned food giant John West has recently introduced smoked salmon to its range that is not just kosher supervised but actually quite good.
15th October 2006
Celebrate Simchat Torah
Jewish community of the week
If you happen to be near to Andover in Massachusetts in the United States, then it may be well worth checking out the Jewish Center of Merrimack Valley run by Chabad. A rather run viral video has been doing the rounds promoting the center.
14th October 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Be happy
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Now when it comes to Simchat Torah and dancing around, the dancing is either sedate, boring and perfunctory or drink driven wild chaos masquerading as religious ecstasy."
13th October 2006
Sixty Six
Festive delights
It’s that time of year again – when the best new Jewish movies from around the world take their place in the line-up for the UK Jewish Film Festival. This year it runs from November 4 - 16. Caroline Westbrook runs through the highlights.
12th October 2006
Jerusalem on wheels
Jerusalem on wheels
A new tourist attraction has started in Jerusalem: Guided Segway tours along the "Commissioner's Palace" promenade. The Segway, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle, will take visitors on an hour long tour.
11th October 2006
Yom Kippur t-shirt
Diet tee
Yom Kippur is not exactly the first Jewish festival that springs to mind when using it as a theme for creating a Jewish t-shirt, but that’s exactly what CultClassicsTs has done with “I lost 5 pounds on the Yom Kippur diet”.
10th October 2006
Israel's Eurovision makeover
Following one of its worst results in contest history, Israel is to radically alter its approach to selecting a song and performer to represent the country at Eurovision 2007.
9th October 2006
Use your etrog
Another year, another sukkot and with that comes the rather awesome citrus fruit, the etrog. Once you've done all you holding and shaking of the etrog with the lulav, there's plenty of life left in the etrog for adding to food. Find out more.
8th October 2006
Hebrew text
Brush up your Hebrew
If you have ever wanted to improve your Hebrew, the United Synagogue in association with the UJIA is offering its members and potential members a six-week crash course to read and speak.
7th October 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
To pray or not to pray
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "These past two weeks, many of us have been through a veritable overload of prayer. Lots of it seems irrelevant, some of it even strike some people as unnecessarily exclusive and some of it is incomprehensible."
6th October 2006
Lauren Weisberger
Devil woman interview
American author Lauren Weisberger scored a best-seller with her debut novel The Devil Wears Prada. Now out as a film, SJ's Caroline Westbrook talks to Weisberger about success and the importance of her Jewish background and culture.
5th October 2006
Mini Israel
Mini Israel expansion
A recent innovation at the Mini Israel theme park near Jerusalem allows visitors to leave notes in the cracks of its miniature Western Wall. The notes will be transferred to the real Western Wall in Jerusalem once a week.
4th October 2006
Dog plush toys
Fido's Jewish treat
Next time someone says throw me a frickin’ bone, throw them something Jewish. The good folks at Chosen Couture is offering a choice of two plush toys for households who want to give their dogs a fun plaything with a Jewish flavour.
3rd October 2006
Jewish Musical Trio
Looking for something to play on your MP3 player? Caroline Westbrook makes suggestions based on what she is listening to at present. Find out more aobut her trio of sounds from Naftule's Dream, Lilah Tov and Gogol Bordello vs Tamir Muskat.
2nd October 2006
Yarden chicken sausages
Yarden chicken sausages
When it comes to quick and easy meals, Israeli food manufacturer Yarden comes trumps. Famed for its chicken and turkey meals, Yarden seems to do well with whatever it offers. And it doesn't get any better than Yarden chicken sausages.
1st October 2006
Bat Sheva
Aussie Bat Sheva
The Bat Sheva dance ensemble accepted an invitation to open an international dance festival this January in Sydney, Australia. The troupe will present a composition by Ohad Naharin called “Telophaza,” which premiered last year at a festival in Eilat.
30th September 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Law or therapy?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "There is a myth that on the Day of Atonement most Jews turn up at synagogue. Even if it is true, attendance is around the synagogue rather than in it and is a social identification rather than a spiritual one."
29th September 2006
Jewish Princess Cookbook
Jewish Princess Cookbook
Jewish food has undergone a major renaissance over recent years as more and more kosher places to eat, drink and be merry have sprung up in London. And now, aiming to marry humour and cooking, The Jewish Princess Cookbook has been published.
28th September 2006
Tram in Jeruslaem
January 15, 2009. This is the date planned for the opening of a Jerusalem tram system, the first of its kind in Israel. The Jerusalem tram will precede by at least two years a similar mode of transportation in the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan area.
27th September 2006
wedding glass
Breaking up
Ever wanted your own wedding glass to break? Or just don't fancy the one you will be given at a wedding, well, Chosen Couture is offering a breakable glass that once broken can be saved and later used with a mezuzah.
26th September 2006
So who won what?
The annual Jewish Music Awards, part of Oy!Hoo took place earlier this month in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The evening included performances from Y-Love, Soulfarm, Rachel Sage and Benny Bwoy. Find out who won what
25th September 2006
Dead Sea
Dead Sea eating
The Dead Sea is not just a place to relax and float, it's also home to some great places to eat. Use our guide to plan a night out with a fantastic meal, from veggie to fish, there's a good cohice of places to choose at the Dead Sea.
24th September 2006
Golda Meir
Life of Golda
The state TV Channel of Ukraine is producing a film on the life of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, who was born in the country's capital of Kiev.
23rd September 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
The Pope and Islam
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "We must combat all manifestations of Islamophobia and not allow one single Muslim to feel threatened on the streets. But at the same time we can expect reciprocity as Jews."
22nd September 2006
Henry Winkler as Peter Pan
Hey….Who's Behind You?
He played one of the coolest characters in US sitcom history, and now Henry Winkler, aka the Fonz, is to play one of the most famous villains in the world of panto - Captain Hook.
21st September 2006
Garden time
With dozens of miles of new jeep paths recently opened in Jerusalem corridor, you can get from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem without traveling on the roads
20th September 2006
Hebrew beer t-shirt
Wear the beer
2006 marks the big 10 for the Shmaltz Brewing Company, America's only dedicated brewer of beer aimed at the Jewish community. And as well as buying its alcoholic delights, you can also wear its famous brand and drink out of a glass with its name on it.
19th September 2006
Shabbat Lounge
Celebrate Shabbat
With more Jewish albums to his name than most musicians, Craig Taubman is one of the most prolific of Jewish artists around and in time for the High Holydays, Taubman has released his latest project - The Shabbat Lounge.
18th September 2006
Hebrew beer
Hebrew lessons in beer
Way back in 1996, if someone had told you that Hebrew, a kosher beer would still be going strong a decade later, they might have said you were having a laugh. Well, Jeremy Cowan has been having a laugh with his Shmaltz Brewing Company.
17th September 2006
Oy, what a success!
Over 20,000 copies of Jewish learning CD and DVD, OyBaby have been sold since being launched in November 2003. Since 2003, it has been sold to 49 states in the USA as well as many countries around the world and in 2005, a sequel, OyBaby 2 came out.
16th September 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Belief in belief
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "This is ‘reflection’ time of the year. Time for self-analysis, angst and neurosis, feelings of inadequacy, even failure, when we try our best to judge ourselves, in the hope that God is more forgiving than we might be!"
15th September 2006
Silver Don
Israeli reggae star
Gil Binyamin, aka Silver Don, closed a circle last month when he performed as warmup to Ziggy Marley in Ra’anana a decade after performing with him in Jamaica. The appearance also promoted his new reggae album, “Live Flame,” written entirely in Hebrew.
14th September 2006
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
13th September 2006
Barmitzvah certifcate
A barmitzvah gift
Looking for a gift to help a bar mitzvah remember his big day? Well, how about a certificate of the day painted onto ceramic that can be hung on any wall and be with them forever?
12th September 2006
Modular Moods
In The Mod
It's a good month for Jewish music – if you happen to live in New York, that is. DJ Handler, the boss of Modular Moods Records, is bringing some of his hippest artists to a series of shows over the next few weeks.
11th September 2006
Kugel time
Let's face it, a good potato pudding or kugel as some people prefer to call it is a staple part of the Jewish diet along with roast chicken and vegetables. The Great Food Company offers a prepared version that is a delight.
10th September 2006
Daven on the move
Got a Blackberry or some other internet enabled mobile device? Want to keep up with your Jewish knowledge whenever you are on the go? Well, iDaven.com is an essential resource to access through your device.
9th September 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Sliding to the right
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "As an interested party, I am delighted at the rejuvenation of Torah in Judaism and the increase in commitment of a very significant section of it."
8th September 2006
Jerry Zucker
Zucker's luck
Think of the Zucker brothers and Airplane comes to mind, but there are more than one set of brothers who have the last name Zucker and who work in entertainment. Two other Zucker brothers are delighting web users with short animations.
7th September 2006
The Galilee
The Galilee is not a usual destination for people to visit, but it is one of Israel's hidden gems. Its town of Safed was the birth-place of Kabbalah while it also offer great outdoor sites to visit. Find out more.
6th September 2006
The Mitzvah
Mitzvah online
An online registry for those celebrating a bar or batmitzvah has gone live. TheMitzvah.com aims to take out the hassle of choosing and selecting an appropriate bar or batmitzvah gift to buy for a boy or a girl.
5th September 2006
Rockfour keep on rockin'
If you're a fan of Israeli music then chances are you'll have come across Rockfour, the psychedelic rock trio who are one of the country's most successful bands.
4th September 2006
Enjoy a pickle
A good kosher pickle can be hard to find. Short of getting some cucumber and pickling it yourself, how can you be assured of the best possible pickle? Well, The Homemade Cucumber Company's new green pickles are something worth taking a bite out of.
3rd September 2006
Jewish culture day
Jewish culture day
The annual European Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage which takes place across 30 countries in Europe has started. From France to Germany and Spain to the UK, the event's theme for 2006 is The European Routes of Jewish Heritage.
2nd September 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Loach and Friends
In his latest column, Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "When a man I admire as a film director, Ken Loach, calls for a boycott of Israel, I resent being forced, as I am, to boycott his work."
1st September 2006
Hebrew Hammer
Hitler in new Jew film
A time travelling Adolf Hitler intent on changing Jewish history is set to be the theme for the sequel to controversial Jewish comedy film The Hebrew Hammer. In the sequel, Hollywood star Mel Gibson is gunned down on screen by the Hebrew Hammer.
31st August 2006
Biking in Israel
Get biking in Israel. Find out more about a delightful trip in Israel that is open to all levels to complete.
30th August 2006
Jews I like to ...
Over at Store of David, it's about pushing the boundaries when it comes to Jewish themes on its range of tee shirts. And now, for the Jewish woman or indeed man who wants to stand out in the crowd comes the J.I.L.F.
29th August 2006
Neshama Carlibach
Neshama Carlibach in Israel
In a purple-plastered basement studio the harmonious cacophony of concert preparations crowded the air as we waited for Neshama Carlebach, daughter of the legendary spiritual singer Shlomo Carlibach and an artist in her own right, to emerge from rehearsals.
28th August 2006
Nok Out
Export ice cream
Like selling ice to Eskimos? The Israeli plant of Swiss food giant Nestle will be exporting its "Nok Out" ice cream bars to Switzerland. The popsicles will be marketed in Switzerland under the brand name Heaven.
27th August 2006
Washington Lit fest
Washington DC is not just the capital of the United States, but it also happens to host a number of annual Jewish events that showcase the best in Jewish talent.
26th August 2006
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Computer Games
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes: "Many of us ‘older’ people are totally unaware of the most powerful, the most widespread and the most wealthy religion in the world today. It is a religion that attracts as its devotees virtually all the young people on our globe."
25th August 2006
Robert Kazinsky
Hebrew Hunk In Albert Square
Looking every inch a real EastEnder, Albert Square's newest arrival also happens to be a bit of a Hebrew hunk. Daily Jews finds out more about Robert Kazinsky and how he is captivating soap fans in his role as Sean Slater.
24th August 2006
Ramat Gan Safari
Ramat Gan Safari
The time: eleven o’clock at night. The place: the Ramat Gan Safari. Four human couples, including myself ventured out into the dark night. Soon, another young couple joined us, followed by others. A veritable Noah’s Ark. We all climbed aboard the park’s train and set out on a midnight safari.